Challenge Solution Impact


Navigating a large campus can be a stressful task for both students and administrators.

Preparing the countless documents, such as maps, course schedules, instructor info, required to ensure a smooth training experience can be tedious for staff, and it can be just as intimidating for the students who rely on that data.

More paperwork means more confusion - especially with thousands of people involved. RTC needed an all-in-one, paperless way to communicate quickly and effectively with the high number of trainees who attend their classes regularly.



Intellectsoft designed an app that makes navigating the Robert Training and Conference Center a breeze.

The app uses geolocation to give students detailed directions to, not only each classroom, but to safety and emergency checkpoints as well.

Additionally, trainees can use the app to find relevant course information like class timetables, instructor biographies, training descriptions, event schedules, and more.



An all-in-one iOS/Android application means RTC administrators no longer have to worry about distributing class schedules or maps, eliminating the need for endless paperwork.

It also means that students will no longer need to consult a multitude of documents to find out when and where their courses are being held, or who will be teaching them.

But maybe most importantly, the app will allow the RTC administration to deliver push notifications regarding things like safety messages, schedule changes, and event information in real-time. Thereby, the Intellectsoft mobile development team was able to assist Shell in their mission to provide employees with the skills training, skills development, and certifications necessary to excel in their profession.