Guinness is the most popular brand of stout beer on the planet and one of the most successful beverage brands worldwide. Its 250-year history is founded on peerless brand loyalty and a deep relationship with its customers.

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Impact

Guinness knew exactly what it needed - a tool to collect marketing data more effectively while strengthening the bond between the brand and its customers. This app would provide customers with interactive marketing messages designed to entertain and educate.

We studied the brand’s existing marketing approach to help define the most engaging mobile strategy for Guinness. Our team landed on a solution which employed the SQLite engine to create a native iOS app based around Arthur Guinness Day.

The app contained several mini-games and quizzes relating to the history of Guinness and the fun-filled Irish holiday. Aside from the app’s entertainment value, it encouraged customers to share their drinking preferences and thereby provide valuable market insights. Finally, we localized the app into 6 languages so everyone’s favorite stout could talk to customers from around the world.

With those multilingual entertainment applications, Guinness established a personal connection with its customers that strengthened brand loyalty and generated valuable marketing data.
The Arthur Guinness Day app helped launch global celebrations which saw celebrated artists like Snow Patrol, Brandon Flowers, Paolo Nutini and Kelis, play in traditional Irish pubs and music venues, all to raise a glass to Arthur Guinness and his enduring legacy.