Project Risk Analytics

Project Risk Analytics (PRA) offers project management services, cost control, as well as construction cost valuation and risk management for complex commercial and residential projects.

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PRA inspectors need to be able to fill out reports while visiting testing facilities and answer a range of questions about the project and what they observed at the facilities themselves.

Intellectsoft developed a fully-realized project management software solution dubbed “Stepflo.”

IStepflo is a project management system designed specifically for PRA’s needs. This web-based system allows inspectors to perform risk and action management, as well as track project schedules. With this tool, PRA can also manage a project’s budget and commitments, as well as manage and track payments and project changes.

IProject roles determine the appropriate level of data access for clients and PRA management, and relevant stakeholders are able to perform governance tasks on certain project risks. This keeps everyone invested in ensuring that Stepflo meets the needs of all team members involved in a project.

Through PRA Stepflo, the company and its clients have a fluid way of completing the necessary reports for any given project. The software provides a consulting approach and evaluation projects, and the use of best practices and clear ownership and accountability for a project. Individuals now have access to all the information they need to ensure that costs and problems can be managed effectively and keep complex projects on schedule.