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Minimize the time spent on rolling out new iterations of your software by adopting flexible development processes. The experts at Intellectsoft can help you create efficient management structures or improve existing project delivery patterns to help your business achieve more in less time.

DevOps brings developers and operations together in a way that can transform your project planning and delivery. But choosing the right combination of tools and integrating them correctly is paramount to a successful DevOps implementation strategy.

The 2014 State of DevOps report showed that companies using automated and standardized DevOps processes for infrastructure were twice as likely to exceed profitability, market share, and productivity goals, and had a 50 percent higher market capitalization and growth than rival businesses.

Dev Ops increases flexibility and speeds up the software development process by systematically rethinking your delivery strategy for building, evolving, and operating rapidly-changing resilient systems.

Intellectsoft’s DevOps services include:

  • Operation and Infrastructure Management, involves selecting the right solutions to meet your needs, manage operational components, ensure regulatory compliance, and build monitoring solutions. This makes deployments predictable, minimizes redundancies in the workflow, and frees people from routine repetitive tasks.
  • Continuous Delivery, takes you from ideation to working software faster and enables you to tweak and make continuous incremental improvements. You’ll be able to roll out more features and adapt to market changes faster.
  • Release Management, automates your workflow and ensures the conceptual integrity of the feature set. Release management interacts with development, testing, and operations to ensure the software under development meets your business goals.

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