8 Construction Management Software Features That Will Make Your Business Benefit

The trends on cost-effective remote models and digital transformation we discussed a month ago remain up-to-date in the construction industry.

Construction management software process

Thus, this post will provide practical recommendations on what to expect from the construction management software regarding advantages, features, and implementation challenges.

What Construction Management Software Is

The software for the construction management process is the automation tool that assists in various areas and tasks connected with the project delivery in the industry.

In general, the technology ensures the desired degree of transparency, facilitated communication, and up-to-date efficiency for the construction stakeholders.

This set of peculiarities is especially useful for different contractors, large-scale firms dealing with numerous complex processes, and companies seeking a user-friendly digital solution to cope with chaotic data.

4 Spheres Where Construction Management Software Helps for Real

  • Budget planning. The technology takes on itself everything connected with finances, cost calculation, and budgeting.
  • Communication. Construction project management software is a unified platform where all the conversations related to the project take place.
  • Decision-making. The digital solution ensures the accuracy and quick updates of all the construction-related data to improve decisions' quality.
  • Scheduling. The exact features of the software include resource allocation, forecasting, and planning.

Compared to outdated legacy systems, web-based residential construction management software possesses substantial advantages by guaranteeing smooth integration and greater workflow effectiveness.

In this context, the technology reveals its best in complex and multitasking corporate environments. In practice, with the functionality of a customized solution, the contractors can easily cope with multiple projects and sophisticated infrastructures.

That’s why we recommend investing in this automation tool and asking for expert help in crafting a customized solution right away.

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8 Functional Areas and Features of Construction Management Software

Cost Estimation and Budgeting

The solution can calculate all the expenses related to material, equipment, and workforce involved. Even more, the construction management software for builders and contractors is an enhanced financial instrument that supports accounting and job costing functionality. In accounting terms, the technology works with receivable and payable accounts and manages even complex transactions.

Better Measurement and Time Tracking

The software provides digital plans to estimate the project scope and cost in advance. With the tool, you can track the project progress and determine delays and problems at a glance.

Real-Time Data Integration

The construction management software involves several integrated modules for complex tasks, including human capital management, asset management, and financial reporting. This way, the technology turns into an easy-to-use tool that represents complex data.

Risk Management Guarantees

Ensuring safety and data accuracy, the typical construction document management software keeps your company on the right track. With the innovation, you can be sure the information you’re working with is compliant with the needed industry standards and governmental regulations. You can save time and resources by delegating the checking of conditions on this automated tool.

Asset and Equipment Control

The software lets you keep track of the permanent assets along with temporary items — like project-related technologies and building materials. This management area involves several related subcategories, including inventory check, work order management, and maintenance schedules. This way, the solution provides the necessary centralization, automation, and upgradability of the system.

Enhanced Scheduling and Content Management

The digital solution for the construction management process unites planning, forecasting, and resource allocation in a single database. This approach eliminates the need for duplicated data inputs, which positively affects day-to-day schedules and long-term strategic planning alike.

Construction Project Management

The technology enables next-level collaboration within the construction project. With the single platform for effective communication, clients, architects, subcontractors, and internal teams get the chance to hear each other instantly. Consequently, no piece of essential information and version history is lost on the way, and each stakeholder possesses the whole picture of what’s going on. In addition, the next-level project control over the workflow ensures more accurate decision-making and project delivery.

Mobile Capability

The digital solution for public and commercial construction management is normally compatible with multiple devices so that you can instantly receive, process, and react to essential project-related data. Besides, this feature contributes to the higher effectiveness of remote control and project updates.

Construction management software construction

5 Benefits of Construction Management Software

With the above-mentioned features of the construction project management software, here are the concrete advantages you can expect from the innovation:

  1. Improved project activities. The software enhances all the core processes in the construction projects, including schedule management, cost controls, project design, coordination, document processing, and payment management.
  2. Substantial savings. The functionality of cloud construction management provides your business with automated tools for cost control. This way, you can win in the long run by investing in more prospective areas rather than dealing with constant micromanagement issues.
  3. Predictable workflow. With the diverse set of tools, it’s easier to establish and maintain a systematic approach to managing construction projects. In particular, you can plan their time frames, calculate costs, launch conversations, and generate reports in one platform. Simultaneously, your workers can enter the software to gain insights on current affairs and reach relevant documents.
  4. Accurate risk assessment. The proper storing of documents with easy access creates a favorable environment for identifying and eliminating risks before they appear. Financial risks are included in this set: the construction management solutions keep all the relevant audits, change orders, and budget statuses updated.
  5. Excellent service delivery. With smart technology as your partner, you gain all the tools needed for the top quality your clients won’t miss. Also, your projects will become more predictable: with more suitable budgets and timely updates.

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Implementation Peculiarities of Construction Project Management Software

These measures and considerations can make the process of building construction management software for your business more effective:

  • Inventorize what you already have. The prior audit should determine your current tech stack to save your money from the unnecessary investment.
  • Get rid of old programs and select the concrete areas of improvement. This way, the customized approach to building construction management solutions reveals its best.
  • Pick the vendor carefully. Consider the tech stack, ability to establish the transparent development process, and safety guarantees provided.
  • Ask your team what it needs. The great software is not the innovative introduction but the widely used and highly needed solution. For this, involve your stakeholders during the selection and implementation stages and listen to them.

All in all, try to clarify the exact way the software will facilitate your working process, which kind of transparency and system integration you need, and what industry standards it should be compliant with. If all these questions seem too complicated, ask for consultation from Intellectsoft experts — we’ll be glad to make things easier for you!

How Outsourcing Software Development Services Can Help You Develop a Custom Construction Management Software

For the custom management software, there are at least 5 reasons why the outsourcing model works the best:

  1. It suits the business needs of any scope. The highest level of flexibility allows outsourcing vendors to deliver construction management solutions for any firm.
  2. You can ask for any features. The diversified team of tech specialists and the ability to reach external developers make it possible for the service provider to offer any technological capabilities
  3. Excellence in delivering the service remotely. Outsourcing companies had established an effective remote workflow before the whole world tried it during the pandemic times. All their experience is at your service while building the construction project management software.
  4. More control over the development process. As the client, you have a better understanding of how the process works. This way, you can implement timely adjustments on the way.
  5. It’s cheaper. Last but not least, it’s more affordable to invest in outsourcing development and reach fair value-for-money.

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Ask Intellectsoft Experts to Create Construction Management Solutions for Your Company

Are you interested in trying the functionality of construction management software for your business? We’re here to help!

Intellectsoft developers have vast experience in serving construction companies and delivering various technological improvements in their workflows. We can create a customized solution for you too!

Talk to our experts to decide on the exact appearance and functionality of the digital solution that will make your construction business benefit!

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