Webinar: Digital Transformation in Construction Industry. Thinking One Step Ahead [April 23]

April 7, 2020

Join the webinar on April 23 at 12 p.m. (ET) as Intellectsoft’s innovation leaders discuss how construction industry seniors should act now to survive the crisis and grow their businesses using digital capabilities.

Digital demands are impacting leaders’ choices in a crowded, competitive construction market that is literally losing its positions by the day. During this time, when a drastic hit of COVID-19 is constantly impacting the global construction industry, the work is expected to halt soon given various factors, including supply chain disruption, shortage of subcontractors and materials, and the termination of contracts to control expenses.

However, the crisis can be used as a catalyst to rethink how work is done and to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation. Large-scale digitization with all its technologies is becoming the next frontier the industry can adopt now and find its silver lining. Join Intellectsoft’s top minds to discuss how construction industry seniors should act now to survive the crisis and grow their businesses.

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Key questions executives and boards should be asking are how we can maintain the safety of ecosystems, and do we need to rethink the use of technologies adopted by digital transformation. Future impact and the likelihood of new technologies in the Construction industry is one of many most-burning topics we’re going to explore during the webinar.

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During the upcoming webinar, you will learn:

  • Why business continuity preparedness is the best crisis response to act immediately, address business challenges and risks, improve efficiency, and set the right priorities.
  • How digital transformation shapes the construction industry today, what areas need it the most, and what more to expect in the foreseeable future:

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  • How construction companies transform business processes digitally, using BIM on the 7D evolution roadmap.
  • Intellectsoft in-depth, real-life cases of digital transformation in the construction industry, rare insights and Q&A session with our top minds.

Meet your hosts for this webinar: 

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After the webinar, all participants will have a chance to discuss the topic with our experts in a Q&A session.

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