15 TOP TV Apps to Enjoy in 2021

How many top-rated TV apps do you really know?

Indeed, how many? The majority knows Netflix and YouTube. Some others will recall Amazon and Disney, probably. But only a couple of people realize there are at least 15 excellent TV apps you can enjoy this season.

When you stay home and have plenty of free time because of COVID-19, the most obvious lifestyle is to lay on a couch, watch movies or TV series, and wait until this disaster is over. You are likely to get bored with this pretty fast.

And if this quarantine has shown any clear thing about Netflix, it is that this streaming service is not perfect. YouTube is also an unreliable partner — especially after the news that the streaming quality of this service is lower than usual now.

That’s why we want you to know more TV apps. Don’t put up with low quality and limited choice from the most famous TV streaming apps. Shift your gaze to all the 15 representatives in our list of top TV apps this year. Definitely, you’ll find something new and interesting here.

The list of top TV apps

According to our research, the rating of top TV apps for 2021 has the following appearance:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime Video
  3. Hulu
  4. Disney Plus
  5. YouTube TV
  6. HBO Now and HBO Go
  7. Sling TV
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. Apple TV Plus
  10. Twitch
  11. Crackle
  12. Plex
  13. Kodi
  14. Pandora
  15. Google Play Movies & TV

Let’s investigate them all!

The leader of top Apple TV apps

#1 Netflix

Netflix TV apps

Netflix is the leader in the streaming industry. It rocks not only the rating of TV apps but also the list of top apps for Apple TV (leaving far behind Apple TV Plus, for example). If you want to enjoy high-quality video content, subscribe to Netflix.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, LG Smart TV, Vizio Cast TVs

Simultaneous streams: Up to 6 devices

Subscription price: $8.99 per month (Basic), $12.99 per month (Standard), $15.99 per month (Premium)

Pros and cons list: 

+ Supports all the top platforms

+ The breathtaking collection of Netflix originals

  • Paid subscription only

According to TCL, the leading streamer in the USA, Netflix is the most used TV app in the country (not a surprise). Of course, Netflix is cool, and you don’t need this guide to learn its value. At the same time, there’s still some room for improvement.

Netflix has premium status in the world of TV apps, so you must pass the procedure of signing in and paying to watch the videos. Not everybody likes it.

Netflix library cannot cover all the videos you might be interested in. Even though it offers over 100,000 hours of watching, some content types are absent from Netflix. So, the fans of live sports, classic movies, and news have already found better alternatives. The same applies to people interested in free streaming.

Nevertheless, Netflix originals cover all the possible flaws of this platform. Subscribe to enjoy it!

Download from AppStore.

#2 YouTube TV

Youtube TV apps

Everyone loves YouTube, and its YouTube TV experience is highly enjoyable. The service works cable-free, works on numerous devices, and has a huge library of broadcasts available.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, LG Smart TV

Simultaneous streams: Up to 3 devices

Subscription price: $12 per month

Pros and cons list:

  • Outstanding massive library
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • High subscription price

YouTube is another obvious choice for top TV apps. Containing all sorts of videos, YouTube TV service offers to download and watch them later offline.

The streaming on YouTube TV is free of advertisement after you pay for the subscription.

As a choice for Fire TV, YouTube TV enables browsing by interest area, connecting your device with several accounts, searching by voice, and playing 4K video.

Download from AppStore.

#3 Amazon Prime Video

Amazon TV apps

Amazon Prime Video is also a leader in the TV streaming market. The application is a real competitor to Netflix and a second choice for most movie admirers.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, LG Smart TV, Vizio Cast TVs

Simultaneous streams: Yes

Subscription price: $12 per month / $119 per year

Pros and cons list:

+ Supports all the top platforms

+ Offers unique content (Amazon originals)

  • Paid subscription only

According to TCL, Amazon Prime Video is the #3 choice for U.S. citizens aged 35-54. Generally, the TV app is popular all over the world. In its library, you can find different types of content: movies, TV shows, documentaries, Amazon originals, and live TV streams.

It seems like a nice alternative to Netflix originals if you want to try something different.

Download from AppStore.

#4 Hulu

Hulu TV apps

Hulu is an app where you can watch thousands of TV shows and movies. Also, the content types include sports and news upon subscription.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, LG Smart TV, Vizio Cast TVs

Simultaneous streams: 2 devices

Subscription price: $5.99 per month

Pros and cons list:

+ Supports all the top platforms

+ Has plenty of funny comedy shows

+ Free trial for one month

  • A limited collection of movies

Hulu library contains plenty of movies, TV, news, and funny videos. To navigate it easier, the developers added the “Favorite” option and interest-based search.

In addition, you can access hundreds of TV channels through this app. For your convenience, all of them are ranged by genre — be that regional news or comedy shows day-and-night. The great thing to mention about Hulu TV is the absence of annoying advertising between your favorite shows.

All these characteristics make it reasonable to state that Hulu is a television app of the new generation.

Download from AppStore.

#5 Disney Plus

Disnep TV apps

The library of Disney Plus consists of 5 content hubs: Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. If you want to be the first in catching the trends like Baby Yoda, this TV app is for you!

In the family of Disney TV products, you can also install Disney Channel!, Disney Junior!, and Disney XD.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Google Chromecast, iOS, Xbox One, Android, Apple TV, PS4, Amazon, and Android TV

Simultaneous streams: Up to 4 devices in 4K resolution free

Subscription price: $6.99 per month/ $69.99 per year (USA); $8.99 per month/ $89.99 per year (Canada and Australia); €6.99 per month / €69.99 per year (EU countries)

Pros and cons list:

  • Offers 7 days of a free trial
  • Contains the complete library of Disney movies (old and fresh)
  • Supports only Roku (no Samsung or LG TV compatibility)
  • A limited collection of movies

The TV application Disney created arranges in one place the House of Mouse, Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel planets. But the most important, of course, is the guaranteed access to all the beloved good-old Disney movies. Only this fact is worth paying all the money asked for the subscription!

But of course, if you are a TV app user whose interests expand further than the Disney movie library, this offering is too limited for you.

Disney Plus provides its subscribers a unique opportunity to watch new Disney content without the need to attend traditional cinema premier day. For the Coronavirus lockdown, this fact is a truly needed know-how.

Download from AppStore.

#6 HBO Now and HBO Go

HBO TV apps

HBO Now and HBO Go are two services that guarantee an outstanding experience for watching video content. All your beloved HBO content (including HBO originals) is available for you and renews each week.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, Amazon products, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Simultaneous streams: Limitless

Subscription price: $15 per month for HBO Now, HBO Go goes for free with an HBO subscription

Pros and cons list:

  • The subscription to HBO can be added through other top TV apps (Amazon Prime, Hulu) or got for free for college students
  • Limitless devices per account
  • Access to all HBO original content
  • Rather complicated procedure for launch and connection to other devices

The family of HBO streaming services allows combining in one place the advantage of the home library and the mobility of watching favorite shows on the go. Both apps offer each piece of content available on HBO. So, if you’re a fan of this platform, the offering is designed especially for you.

For the next month, HBO is preparing HBO Max — the TV app that will become an umbrella software for the HBO content products. So, going for HBO next month will be a really good investment in your future joy and fun.

Download from AppStore.

The best choice among top Android TV apps

#7 Sling TV

Sling TV apps

Sling TV is a great service for movie-lovers. Its design, functionality, and subscription models turned it into one of the top TV apps for Android.

Compatible devices: iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Google Nest, Oculus Go, Roku, Xbox, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV

Simultaneous streams: Up to 3 devices (Sling Blue)

Subscription price: Free with in-app purchase for live TV service ($30 for Sling Orange or Sling Blue subscription)

Pros and cons list:

  • Supports DVR (Digital Video Recording)
  • Needs VPN if you want to download it outside the U.S.

According to BeeBom overview, Sling TV is the best of the best for Android users. Why so?

Among all, it’s the library, it is impressive: you can access the ESPN network, NFL, The Food Network, and BBC from it. Secondly, it’s free. Thirdly, it’s user-friendly.

But there’s something more left to say about Sling TV. The service offers a variety of live TV streaming channels without connection to cable TV or satellites. So, all you need is just downloading this app and enjoying all these advantages smooth-free.

Download from AppStore.

#8 Crunchyroll

Crun TV apps

Crunchyroll is the official TV app for anime and drama. Its main focus is on cartoons and anime TV series. The app keeps you on track with the latest episodes in any part of the world right from Japan!

Compatible devices: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation 3 and 4, WII U, Xbox One and 360, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV

Simultaneous streams: Limitless

Subscription price: $7.99 per month / $22.99 for 3 months / $79.99 per year

Pros and cons list:

  • Top anime collection
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Most videos are available for free
  • Limited choice of genres

The top feature of Crunchyroll is its massive anime library. The service is a gift for people interested in this type of content. In addition, you can find plenty of exclusive Asian TV content there. The collection of these genres is outstanding and truly one of a kind.

Another great characteristic of Crunchyroll is its pleasant UX design. All the updates are easy to track, and most of the videos can be played for free. Unique content becomes available after subscription. Also, a payment allows watching new episodes almost real-time with subtitles!

As you can see, Crunchyroll is a heaven for any anime admirer!

Download from AppStore.

#9 Apple TV Plus

Apple TV apps

Apple TV Plus offers a variety of TV shows and the next level of comfort for Apple users. Each one can try the service within 7-days free trial.

Compatible devices: Apple TV and all Apple products, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Vizio, Roku

Simultaneous streams: Yes

Subscription price: $4.99 per month / $49.99 per year

Pros and cons list:

  • Built into any Apple TV
  • Facilitate navigation between Apple device
  • No support to Android and Amazon devices

iOS users can notice the opportunity to connect Apple TV Plus on its device, but not many really try it. The app is really good and worth trying, though.

The best part is its navigation opportunities: Apple TV Plus makes it easier to switch between apps and movies you’re watching. The Apple devices instantly react to your activity, and you can switch to an iPhone from an iPad while watching a video, for example.

If you’re an Apple user, give this TV app a try! Recently, Apple TV Plus announced making its several shows and one movie free, so this quarantine is a nice chance to check the service content risk-free!

Download from AppStore.

#10 Twitch

Twitch TV apps

The application offers plenty of live streams where you can watch various games, from amateur to professional. The other types of content are not available on this platform.

Compatible devices: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ouya, Nvidia Shield, Android, iOS

Simultaneous streams: Limitless in a web browser, but not recommended for the purpose of streaming

Subscription price: $4.99 per month

Pros and cons list:

  • The best TV app to watch games
  • Live streams from different
  • The app is fun for gamers only

Twitch is a space where different players can post and watch their live streams. With this narrow-focused approach, the application became a top pick for entertainment and learning new things among gamers.

At the same time, don’t expect this TV app to be your friend for movie night. It’s a gamers’ territory!

Download from AppStore.

#11 Crackle

Crackle TV apps

Crackle is a free streaming service that offers watching movies and TV shows. Generally, the app works just like traditional television from the 1980s, but in contemporary times.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, LG Smart TV, Vizio Cast TVs, Amazon, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Simultaneous streams: N/A

Subscription price: Free service for USA and Australia

Pros and cons list:

  • Supports all top TV platforms
  • Free streaming service
  • A limited collection of movies

Crackle is a unique product made under the collaboration of Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul. The TV app offers an interesting selection of TV shows, entertainment videos, and movies that features both celebrity actors and rising stars.

But the most important thing about Crackle is that this service is completely free. All you need is to download and enjoy! Hurry before this offer ends. The service is already subscription-based in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

The service doesn’t even ask for registration. However, it encourages users to do it so they can save their activity and come back later to unfinished watching smoothly.

Download from AppStore.

The best picks among top Fire TV apps

#12 Plex

Plex TV apps

Plex is among the top apps for Fire TV, fitting the functionality of this platform perfectly. Its library is really huge and features Bollywood movies, rare documentaries, and musicals.

Compatible devices: Android, iOS, Roku, LG Smart TV, Amazon Alexa, Sony Smart TV, Toshiba Smart TV, PlayStation 4, Vizio, Xbox One

Simultaneous streams: Up to 3 devices

Subscription price: $4.99 per month / $39.99 per year

Pros and cons list:

  • Great UX
  • Huge compatibility list
  • Not that many streams among them can work simultaneously

MakeUseOf magazine lists Plex as a top remote app for TV streaming on Fire TV. We couldn’t omit this app from our overview as well.

Plex is a great choice for streaming movies from your library on different devices around your house. If you decide to go for Plex Pass, you won’t need an Internet connection to play those videos.

Another great thing about Plex is that you can download it from Amazon Appstore. As an Android TV app, the installation process requires a Plex server. It should be on another laptop that connects to your Android device through Wi-Fi. After that, Plex will play your files instantly, without using wires for transferring files.

Finally, this TV app works as a media center application that is really enjoyable to use.

By the way, to make your Fire TV works correctly, make sure

  1. Your ADB Debugging is enabled (Select “My Fire TV” is Settings and put ADB Debugging “On” in the Developer Options menu)
  2. Fire Stick allows the installation of unknowing services (Choose “Device” and “Developer Options” in Settings, you’ll see “Apps from Unknown Services” in the menu)

Download from AppStore.

#13 Kodi

Kodi TV apps

Another great choice for Fire TV. The app works as an entire entertainment hub compatible with all the basic devices to enjoy watching video streams.

Compatible devices: Windows PC, Mac, Linux Raspberry Pi, Android 5.0

Simultaneous streams: Yes

Subscription price: $35 per year

Pros and cons list:

  • It’s more than just a TV app
  • Completely free of advertisement
  • Not available in AppStore
  • Not perfect UX

Among all, Kodi is a media server application. In other words, you can accumulate all types of media content in one place. And if you choose to install some add-ons offered, you can empower your Kodi TV app even more.

As an Android TV app, Kodi helps arrange your media library with an easy-to-follow hierarchy. In particular, it will prescribe categories to your offline files and help with placing them in proper locations. The type of content Kodi works with includes movies, documentaries, music, live TV clips, etc.

To work on Fire TV, it requires sideloading onto another device. That’s why it’s not recommended for people who don’t like working with settings. To install, read a couple of articles in Google on the matter — there’s nothing difficult about learning how to do it, learning how to do it just requires extra time.

Kodi is not compatible with iOS, but you can download several options for remote control from AppStore.

Download from Google Play.

#14 Pandora

Pandora TV apps

Pandora is a free radio streaming service compatible with numerous devices. In addition to songs, there are some comedy channels for entertainment.

Compatible devices: TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen,LG Smart TV

Simultaneous streams: Limitless

Subscription price: Free

Pros and cons list:

  • Free service
  • The library has only comedies

This year, Pandora has become one of the top 3 picks for the U.S. millennials. And there’s no surprise — the app outperforms Spotify for being free. The functionality of the app allows playing favorite shows on TV, in web browsers, or on the screen of your car.

Nevertheless, the video library of the app has only comedy channels. That’s why it deserved a place at the bottom of our list only, no matter how user-friendly the experience offered is. But you can try its comedies — maybe, you’ll like them.

Download from AppStore.

#15 Google Play Movies & TV

Google TV apps

The platform is a digital storefront of movies and TV shows. Users are offered to either purchase a digital license or rent a chosen file for several days. There is no subscription option.

Compatible devices:  TCL Roku, Samsung Smart Hub, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, LG Smart TV, Vizio Cast TVs

Simultaneous streams: Limitless

Subscription price: In-app purchases in à la carte menu of movies

Pros and cons list:

  • Supports all top TV platforms
  • A very limited choice and number of functions

Google Play Movies & TV resembles an old-fashioned shop where you could rent some movies and bring them back. Though sounding rather romantic, this approach is a bit outdated in the contemporary world. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to buy for the service, not for each movie separately.

But the experience is worth a try.

The very idea of Google Play Movies & TV appeared in the competition with iTunes from Apple. In the latest version, the developers added such a heavy compatibility package that the app turned into a complete TV streaming service. However, the software requires lots of other features to become a top pick in the niche.

Download from AppStore.

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