Webinar: Digital Transformation in Hospitality + Cases

July 22, 2019

From smart room systems to cross-platform loyalty programs and Mixed Reality solutions, Intellectsoft’s tech leaders share real-life use cases of digital transformation in Hospitality and Entertainment. Watch the 45-minute webinar to get one-of-a-kind industry insights, explore Intellectsoft’s projects, and more.

You Will Learn:

  • How to implement a scalable, feature-rich IoT smart room system across a large number of luxury properties in Hospitality, and how much time does it take
  • What are AI-driven smart moods in hotel rooms
  • What is the real potential of AI assistants in the guest experience
  • How to use a shared ledger to create a secure cross-location loyalty program
  • Intellectsoft’s in-depth real-life cases of digital transformation in Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Technology challenges the industry faces

Speakers of Webinar:

  • Andriy Kashcheyev — CTO, Chief Solution Architect at Intellectsoft

Experience: 20+ years

  • Tim Kozak — Head of Technology at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

Experience: 10+ years

  • Iurii Odnorogov  — Sales Director at Intellectsoft

Experience: 7+ years

You will benefit from the webinar the most if you are:

  • Chief Innovation Officer and VP
  • Chief Information Officer and VP
  • Solution Architect
  • CEO looking into Digital Transformation

Watch the Webinar: