[July 18] Webinar with Innovation Leaders: Digital Transformation in Hospitality & Entertainment + Cases

From elevators in the past to Internet of Things today, the hospitality and entertainment industries have always been at the forefront of technology innovation to deliver the best customer experience possible. Now, the industries are at the threshold of another frontier — adopting new technologies in the process of performing large-scale Digital Transformation (DT).

Performing DT is not an easy task. To grow and stay competitive, companies in both industries need to plan ahead in times where customer demand changes almost every month, adopt several advanced technologies at once, and face numerous other challenges.

Join Intellectsoft’s innovation leaders on July 18 at 12 PM (ET) as they discuss the challenges, trends, and real-life use cases of digital transformation in Hospitality and Entertainment.

The discussion will focus on Artificial Intelligence solutions (machine and deep learning), IoT, Blockchain, and Mixed Reality (augmented and virtual reality) solutions. You will get hard-to-find industry insights, an in-depth look at Intellectsoft’s projects, and have a Q&A session with our top minds.

Register For Our Webinar To Learn:

  • How to implement a scalable, feature-rich IoT smart room system across a large number of luxury properties in Hospitality
  • How to use blockchain in the Entertainment experience, loyalty programs, and security
  • AR hologram virtual assistant for upscale hotel rooms: how it works
  • Intellectsoft’s In-depth, real-life cases of digital transformation in Hospitality and Entertainment

Speakers of Webinar:

  • Andriy Kashcheyev — CTO, Chief Solution Architect at Intellectsoft

Experience: 20+ years

  • Tim Kozak — Head of Technology at Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab

Experience: 10+ years

  • Iurii Odnorogov  — Sales Director at Intellectsoft

Experience: 7+ years


After the webinar, all participants will have a chance to discuss the topic with our experts in a Q&A session.


Click here to register and learn more about the webinar.

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