Intellectsoft is a Highest-Rated B2B Services Provider in Eastern Europe (Clutch)

Intellectsoft has become the highest-rated B2B services provider in Eastern Europe, according to a recent report from the leading Washington-based B2B ratings and reviews platform Clutch. More specifically, we acquired top spots in the highly competitive markets of Ukraine. The report has analyzed over 900 B2B companies from across different industries: Advertising & Marketing, Creative & Design, Development, IT, and Business Support.

Ukraine continues to gain more and more weight as a destination for B2B services among leading companies around the world. 

Ukraine has more than 1,000 IT companies working on its territory, which houses a vast talent pool of over 230,000 IT professionals. The country’s software development sector grows at an average of 17% yearly. Plus, 100 R&D subsidiaries of renowned global companies, including Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, and many more, are located in Ukraine.

IT services markets of both countries are projected to continue their growth in 2020 and beyond, according to regional reports. The countries would also continue strengthening and expanding their tech talent pools while remaining cost-efficient as compared to other regions. Among other things, this means that Ukraine will try to rival the top outsourcing service providers like China.

Intellectsoft is proud to contribute to the growing recognition and technical savvy of both countries’ IT services markets, following the tech trend projections for 2019 that we made roughly a year ago. Only this year have we helped create a top IoT product recognized by Fast Company, performed a full-fledged digital transformation for a luxury Chinese hospitality operator, and developed a complex AR demo for a leading construction company in Europe, among other projects. 

Since we started our operation over 11 years ago, Intellectsoft continues to be a reliable long-term partner for top companies from different industries. Our efforts are regularly recognized by Clutch and similar platforms as well as top publications, including Inc. 5000. This year, we moved closely to the publication’s much-coveted Inc. 500 cohort, and Clutch named us a Top Software & Technology Services Provider in California, Top Emerging Technology Services Provider, and a Global Software Development Leader.

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