Corporate Wellness Software Development: Basics to Explore

Corporate health and wellness solutions are gaining momentum. As Deloitte states, well-being has become at the heart of the employee experience for social enterprises this year, and the number of initiatives aimed at improving corporate well-being is about to grow too.

Corporate Wellness Software Work Process

However, companies are still cautious about investing in new corporate wellness programs. As interest in wellness strengthens, organizations are considering digital tools to maintain this parameter in an expansive way.

But they don’t want to dedicate too much attention to it and sacrifice effectiveness and productivity for corporate happiness.

However, this preoccupation is not accurate. On the contrary, McKinsey shows that the wide application of corporate wellness solutions can save the global economy up to $1 trillion per year in lost productivity due to mental health conditions.

As employees are the most valuable asset, companies should do everything possible to help them stay healthy and productive. That’s where corporate wellness software becomes useful.

It can help companies improve employee health, reduce costly healthcare expenses, and boost productivity. In this article, you’ll learn how it works, why it’s so important, and what features to look for when choosing the right wellness software for your company.

What is Corporate Wellness Software?

Software for corporate well-being is part of a new generation of the corporate wellness program, providing employers with advanced tools that can help make keep up with one’s health goals.

With the help of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, corporate wellness solutions let businesses track the health condition of workers and take timely action on possible problems.

Corporate Wellness Software Office

For companies, wellness software is a specific tool that automatically uploads data collected by fitness trackers into customized dashboards for employers and employees alike to view.

Therefore, the technology facilitates the task of acting upon the data, without forcing anyone to log their progress manually to track information in spreadsheets or handwritten journals.

Why Does It Matter?

For business owners:

The software for corporate wellness is beneficial to various businesses, including SMBs, large companies, and mid-sized enterprises as it saves time and effort to keep an eye on the well-being of the employees.

The technology provides visibility to the factors that could be negatively impacting workplace health, helping managers build a healthier and happier working environment in their companies.

In addition, corporate wellness software often allows employers to see how successful their company’s wellness program is; without detailed statistics, it’s harder to tell if programs are working or not.

For workers:

Corporate wellness software that has a goal-tracking component allows employees to track their progress, see how close they are to achieving it, and keep them motivated.

In addition to better self-control, the tool lets employees connect with other open-minded individuals and achieve common goals, like losing weight, improving cardiovascular health, or becoming more concentrated and motivated to work. This way, corporate wellness solutions contribute to personal well-being, too.

3 Main Benefits of Corporate Wellness Software

  1. Better engagement of employees. The software for corporate wellness is the tool to help your workers take better care of themselves. Effective workplace wellness programs combine measurement, feedback, coaching, and incentives to help employees adopt healthy behaviors that lead to improvements in their overall well-being.
  2. Fewer healthcare costs for your organizations. By providing an ability to timely detect and address well-being problems at the workplace, a corporate wellness solution reduces the number of severe health-related disorders. As a result, your company spends less on insurance programs or urgent handling of issues.
  3. More accurate wellness programs. The software is valuable as it empowers employers to offer the best-suited options in healthy lifestyle packages for workers. The advantage lets you save money and don’t overspend on useless offerings. For example, it can justify it's unreasonable to pay more than $100/month per employee for gym memberships, as workers may have little motivation to go more often anyway.

Corporate Wellness Software Happy Colleagues

Core Features of Corporate Wellness Software

The goal of integrating employee health management into your benefits strategy is threefold: helping employees make healthier choices, decreasing healthcare spending as a whole, and managing chronic conditions through early detection and intervention. That’s why the basic functionality of corporate wellness software should let you achieve these aims.

Must-Have Features of Corporate Wellness Software

  • Dashboard. The solution should serve your company as an all-in-one well-being hub, offering customizable options that make it easy to track and achieve personal and corporate goals. Thus, an understandable and easy-to-use interface is a must-have.
  • Wellness content integration. Corporate wellness software should have access to health-related data collected from all the sources available in your organization. The more accurate data the platform collects and processes, the better insights into employees’ well-being you can get.
  • Personal profile. Each employee should have a place to see personal progress and analyze key metrics for self-evaluation. The employer should also be able to aggregate the actionable data among this personalized information set to improve health programs.
  • Integration with a healthcare institution. Employees should have instant access to healthcare providers to schedule health-check procedures and visit a doctor in case of health-related problems. With corporate wellness software, communication on these issues between employers and employees will become more accurate and effective.
  • Communication tools. Health and wellness solutions should let people communicate on a platform, be that messages, emails, or newsletters.
  • Analytics and reports. The dashboard should be intuitive to show qualitative and quantitative data on employees’ well-being and present the insights as reports.

Corporate Wellness Software Employees

Additional Features of Corporate Wellness Software

  • Wellness challenges. With gamification integration, you can launch customizable wellness challenges to motivate your workers to promote and improve their health-related achievements.
  • Support. Let your workers solve tiny health-related or technical problems and encourage their long-term satisfaction with the program with an in-built support tool. By the way, a medical chatbot is a must-have tool in the healthcare industry for 2022.
  • Notifications. Encourage workers to use corporate wellness solutions more by reminding them about health-critical events via notifications sent by the platform’s app.
  • Online classes. Improve your existing software with educational content where workers can use meditation, yoga, or sports classes from the best instructors to improve their health.
  • Tobacco cessation module. Help your employees quit smoking with the best program integrated into corporate wellness solutions.

How Intellectsoft Can Help You Implement Any Wellness Technology

Corporate wellness software is one of many tools you can use to help your employees improve their health, decrease their healthcare costs, increase productivity and happiness, and enhance overall organizational well-being.

But not all corporate wellness software products are created equal, so it’s important to find a program that meets your specific needs.

From our experience, the best health-related digital solution is the one that combines business needs and top healthcare IT trends for the coming year. Regarding this, the digital transformation tendency calls for investing in technologies that will contribute to higher effectiveness and competitiveness.

Precisely, companies should invest in on-demand healthcare, telemedicine, virtual visits, patient portals, and health wearables. Given that corporate wellness solutions combine all these trends, these platforms are likely to become the next software development trend for companies shortly.

Corporate Wellness Software Wellbeing

And we at Intellectsoft can help you with building this innovative software that meets your corporate needs!

Before you invest time and money into your wellness technology, take some time to think about what’s most important to you and your team.

Whether it’s faster and more convenient access to doctors or the need to link wearables to a single database, our wellness solutions are right for you. You can refer to us for consultation and help, and we’ll pick together with you the most suitable set of modules and technologies.

From our set of healthcare IT solutions and software services, you can request a corporate wellness solution with these technologies:

  • Hospital information systems
  • Data engines
  • Internet of Medical Things
  • Remote medical care
  • Health awareness
  • Electronic health record

Talk to our experts to get more details on our services! Let us help you build a solid corporate wellness program for your healthcare initiatives.

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