Hotel Management Software to Suit Your Business: Top Systems to Consider

The hospitality industry is improving and getting better each year, thanks to an extensive pool of available tools. Hotel management software (HMS) is one of them. Digital transformation indeed gives us numerous advantages. Software tools are a helping hand in administration, customer support, revenue growth, and more. We will discuss the top features of HMS, their types, and benefits in this article.

What is an HMS? The hotel management system is a platform that automates daily tasks and assists your hotel staff, thus enhancing the productivity level at a relatively low cost. The right software will help you grow the hotel’s revenue and improve the visitor experience.

The primary reason hotel owners tend to use HMS is to facilitate daily tasks and operations and pay more attention to their guests. The system can centralize all the processes, including check-ins and check-outs, reservations, bookings, etc., in one place.

It can also connect to various distribution channels that will help you appear more frequently whenever visitors search for accommodation to stay.

Hotel Management Software Types

Hotel Management System Software Benefits

Like any other software, hotel management software aims to facilitate daily operations and give you a chance to focus on more critical aspects of your work. Thus, it offers a lot of benefits.

  • Better Efficiency and Accuracy 

It is convenient to have one centralized system that incorporates all the features and channels. Some manual tasks can be automated, which can result in fewer errors.

  • Better Guest Experience 

Automated software enables your hotel staff to pay more attention to visitors. A path to success in the hospitality business is to create the best-personalized experience during the stay. HMS is a great tool to build strong relationships with your guests.

  • Better Distribution 

A smart HMS will help you create better ads across various channels, as it can have analytic report generation. The better your ads become, the more visitors and revenue you get.

  • Cost- and Time-Effectiveness 

HMS platforms save a lot of time and money for the hotel owners. The system optimizes the use of the available resources (staff, time, and money). For instance, you will spend less time training your team, or one person can have access to different system functions and provide necessary information to the guests instantly.

Main Hotel Management Software Features

Hotel management systems vary in types and their purposes, but they all share similar features, essential for effective hotel management.

The choice of the right approach depends on the type and size of the estate. Most software development companies will help you make a decision and customize the existing software accordingly.

Hotel Management Software Benefits

Essential HMS features include: 

  • Reservation and booking engine
  • Easy and quick check-ins and check-outs
  • User-friendly interface
  • Online communication (via chats, bots, etc.)
  • Report and analytics tools
  • Advertising and search tools
  • Centralized platform
  • Integration with external channels
  • Role-based access
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Mobile optimization
  • Mobile booking
  • Secure payment tools 
  • Key card systems
  • Reputation management tools

Hotel Property Management Software Types

As technologies continue to develop and offer more and more solutions to businesses, nowadays we have two types of HMS:

  1. Cloud-based
  2. On-Premise

Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software VS On-Premise

Cloud-based HMS is a type of software placed on the vendor’s server and maintained by a third-party. The data is available online for both staff and customers. Thus it is easy to find the necessary data, book a room, etc. Internet connectivity provides easy hotel management at any time and on any device.

Hotel Management Software Solutions

On-premise software or, in other words, desktop-based software is placed on a local server and accessed only through a PC. This type of software integrates with other systems (like TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.) and lives up to expectations.

But you should have a team of specialists who will take care of the system and make updates when necessary, which makes it more expensive compared to cloud-based software.

Features of Web-Based Hotel Management Software Compared to On-Premise Solutions

Cloud-Based Software:

  • accessible on any platform
  • accessible on any device
  • accessible at any time with the Internet connection
  • the vendor backs up the data
  • low IT investment
  • subscription-based pricing

On-Premise Software: 

  • accessible on vendor recommended platform
  • accessible on PC’s and desktops
  • accessible within the hotel (Static IP and VPN are required for outside access)
  • the hotel backs up the data
  • high IT investment
  • perpetual license

PMS Hotel Management Software: Reasons to Replace Current Hotel Software

We live in a fast and continuously changing world, so it is vital to keep up with the latest trends to compete with other businesses in the field.

Here are the reasons why your current software needs improvement:

  1. Operations are not automated
  2. Low/no software support
  3. Cannot integrate with third-parties (vendors, travel agents, etc.)
  4. Software is hard to use
  5. Multiple vendors support one system
  6. It is impossible to control business outside the hotel
  7. Provides poor guest experience
  8. It has no analytical tools, etc.

Hotel Management Software System

It is essential to stay competitive, live up to guests’ expectations, and provide excellent and high-quality services to keep your business running.

Check whether your software suits all the modern requirements. If not - start searching for a professional team of developers who will help you liven up your hotel.

Online Hotel Management Software: How to Choose the Right One?

There is a significant number of companies that specialize in software development for hotels nowadays. It makes it harder to find a professional and reliable team for cooperation. Here are the points you should keep in mind when choosing the right vendor:

  • create a list of the most important features
  • consult with your staff
  • find software development companies that suit your needs
  • check reviews about the companies and their portfolios
  • consult with your partners in business, check their software vendors
  • check the costs for their services
  • contact the most suitable vendors and make your final decision

Hotel management software can have different purposes, so make sure you know your business needs or have a list of features that should be improved.

Investing in Hotel Revenue Management Software

A revenue management system aims to help hotels to perform revenue management tasks efficiently and effectively. Its primary purpose is to sell the right room at the right price to the right customer at the right time. RMS makes it easier to regulate prices across different channels.

It is beneficial for small hotels as it helps to maximize the revenue each room generates.  Examples of the best RMS:

  1. IDeaS Revenue Solutions
  2. Duetto 
  3. Atomize
  4. RoomPriceGenie

Hotel Guest Management Software Solutions

The satisfaction of your visitors and their experience with your hotel is the supreme priority in business. The better you perform administrative tasks, the better reviews from your visitors you will get.

Guest management software helps companies reduce the time spent on admin tasks, avoid double-booking, human errors, etc.

Hotel Management Software Pros

It frees you up to spend more time on staff management, performance improvement, and business marketing. Examples of the best HGMS:

  1. Lobbipad
  2. Envoy
  3. Traction Guest
  4. The Receptionist
  5. SwipedOn

Hotel Room Management Software

Hotel room management systems help administrators and visitors get comprehensive room information, including location, area, bed characteristics, and the maximum number of people who can stay in the room (adults, children).

The tool will provide the customers with all the necessary information, so there will not be any additional questions.

The engine will also provide information on the room’s available facilities (from view and electrical appliances to outdoor conveniences). Examples of the best HRMS:

  2. Meetio

Small Hotel Management Software

Small hotels have less staff who can pick up on specific duties.

Usually, one or two managers run a small hotel, so the business needs to have software that can automatically run certain operations and be accessible via smartphones or other devices.

Hotel Management Software Cons

When choosing the right software for a small hotel, make sure the system covers all your basic needs. The software should have the most necessary features like a booking engine, channel distribution, messaging application, etc.

Make sure the software is flexible, and the vendor could upgrade it when necessary. Here is a list of the best software for small hotels:

  1. WebRezPro
  2. ThinkReservations
  3. ReservationKey
  4. Cloudbeds
  5. RoomRaccoon

Budget Hotel Management Software

Budget hotels can consider using low-cost or free software for hotel management that will have some basic features. Check the following solutions that might fit your needs:

  1. Precoro
  2. HotelSmart
  3. Easy InnKeeping

A hotel management software company specializing in custom software development for travel and hospitality might help you choose the right platform for your business. They will give you a piece of advice on the essential points that will suit your needs.

There is an abundance of companies that offer the HMS system development nowadays. Choose the one that has a lot of experience in working within the hospitality industry. Check their portfolio, read previous customers’ reviews, and choose the most suitable one.

As technologies now greatly influence every field, reliable and up-to-date software will help you survive the competition, attract the attention of new customers, improve performance, and succeed. Talk to our hospitality experts today and start benefiting from the topic right away!

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