Hiring Dedicated .NET Developers in 2023: Steps, Advantages and Pitfalls

.NET development framework is one of the most popular and chosen by developers all over the world. It is a flexible platform used to develop a wide range of applications, websites, mobile apps, etc. of different complexity and scale. It can help businesses digitize their processes quickly and take them to a new level while boosting efficiency, and convenience, and reducing expenses.

To make it all happen you need an experienced workforce with relevant tech skills to do so. .NET development is a big challenge for businesses that can be overcome through outsourcing. Intellectsoft .NET outsourcing services will enable you to build your dream project and meet all your requirements.

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We have in-house developers as well as enough resources to hire them from a large talent pool from any location in the world you want. The speed of the search process varies on the requirements regarding the specialist and their expertise, their seniority level, location, future responsibilities, etc. At Intellectsoft, it usually takes from 10 days up to 1 month. The hunting process is not a problem as the rising demand for accomplished professionals across the globe makes it so much easier.

Intellectsoft’s rigorous selection process makes it possible to hire only the most qualified and experienced .NET software developers for your needs and integrate them with your team. Our software architects and team leads take part in the recruitment process and conduct technical interviews to evaluate the technical skills of candidates.

If you are interested in hiring .NET developers and don’t know where to start, keep reading the article. Here, we are going to talk about how to hire dedicated .NET developers for your project, what are the core skills of a qualified professional, and what challenges you might face during the recruitment process. Let’s get started!

.NET Developer Global Market Overview

Currently, .NET is the most widely used platform on the market. It was released in 2002 by Microsoft. Why is it the main choice nowadays? Because it contains plenty of features and tools that enable companies to develop reliable applications and software using different programming languages.

That’s why more and more aspiring developers gain .NET experience and skills and more businesses search .NET developers for hire. There is a large number of professionals with relevant expertise all over the world. And rising demand for .NET developers generates an even more increasing number of specialists. Take a look at the following statistics to see the trend of the current .NET market.

Statistics .NET Developers

Necessary Skills of .NET Programmer

Skills of .NET Developers


ASP.NET MVC is the biggest industry trend that can be a developer’s competitive advantage. Knowing how it operates enables programmers to fully manage all application functions. ASP.NET MVC replaces other frameworks that help build any software in the most efficient and timely manner.

2. Exceptional coding skills

It goes without saying that a .NET developer must write quality code so the final product performs well. Specialists should easily determine how they can input the existing code to save time and what code to write from scratch. After the code is written, they have to be able to evaluate the code’s performance and improve it if needed.

3. Client-side technology knowledge 

As the primary task of a .NET developer is to develop innovative, user-friendly, scalable, and highly-functional web applications, they should understand well the essential client-side technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Similar knowledge will help any professional to boost their employability as well as to deliver top-notch results at work.

4. Programming languages

In order to perform well on a project, a developer must have exceptional knowledge of programming languages. The most important languages are C#, F#, and VB.NET. In addition, it’s also beneficial to be familiar with SQL Server, NoSQL, Oracle.

5. Soft skills

Highly professional full stack .NET developer is not only a person with exceptional technical expertise. The specialist should also possess some soft skills that are integral while collaborating with a client and being a part of a team. Among the most important soft skills, it’s possible to name time-management, problem-solving, and customer service skills.

colleagues working

In-House vs. Outsourced .NET Developers

If you are wondering whether you should outsource .NET developers or hire an in-house team then we will try to help you decide what option is better for your case. An in-house team is an excellent option because you will get developers who are highly involved in a project and share your company culture, and it’s easy to manage them as they are working on your premises.

The main drawback of hiring an in-house team is that it requires some serious financial investments. First of all, in-house developers have significantly higher salaries. In addition, the recruitment process of local specialists involves additional expenses for training, healthcare insurance, office space, vacations, etc. This option will be suitable for large companies and enterprises with enough budget and stable workload and plenty of software development plans for the future.

Outsourced developers offer the same level of performance for a reduced price. As software engineers are located overseas, you don’t have to worry about paying extra and it can be very beneficial for small companies or startups that want to save their budget without losing the quality.

Moreover, outsourcing is the better option in case you are looking for a temporary collaboration with developers. However, be ready to face some challenges while outsourcing. The main bottlenecks are different time zones, some cultural differences, and potential language barriers.

Key Steps to Hire .NET Developer

Here are some easy yet effective steps that will help you find .NET developers and build a loyal and trustful relationship with them.

Hiring .NET Developers Tips

1. Write an informative job opening

The first and most important thing is to write an informative and detailed job opening. Define who is your perfect team member and what responsibilities they will take on. Structurize all the information and based on it come up with a brief yet extensive advertisement that potential candidates will see.

2. Know where to find them

There is no shortage of .NET developers, however, it’s not so easy to hire a good specialist really easily. Therefore, you need to know where to look for them and be really fast. You should turn to recruitment agencies or look for developers on job boards.

3. Prioritize the selection process

Once you start receiving candidates' profiles, you have to review each of them thoroughly so as not to miss the real gem. Take your time, read CVs carefully, compare with other candidates and choose your top picks to invite them for an interview.

4. Prepare the right interview questions

Many managers make a big mistake by not preparing the list of interview questions beforehand. It’s paramount to be well-prepared before the interview if your main goal is to hire the best specialist. Create not just a list of questions about the previous experience, but also develop the tech task to evaluate their professional competencies.

5. Soft and hard skills matter

The importance of soft skills is gravely underestimated right now. However, it’s crucial to evaluate the soft skills of a candidate the same way you evaluate their technical knowledge. Define what soft skills would matter for your business and for your company culture and rely on them while looking for a best-matching candidate.

6. Consider hiring remote developers

As we have already mentioned above, outsourcing software development services can be a very convenient and budget-friendly option for companies across industries. Therefore, you should seriously consider hiring remote .NET developers.

coding process

Challenges to Avoid While Hiring .NET Developers

  • Not paying attention to cultural fit. Cultural fit really matters. You should hire not just an amazing professional who can perform well but also a team player who shares your company's vision and can be a great match.
  • Choosing the lowest salary rates. It’s very tempting to choose the developer with the lowest salary requirements. However, it’s important to understand that salary is the reflection of professionalism and experience. Make wise investments.
  • Limited your access to talents. Even though you would prefer to hire local developers, don’t limit your search. Be open to opportunities and don’t underestimate the potential of global search and outsourcing.
  • Failing to conduct a proper tech interview. This mistake is very straightforward. Take your time to prepare the relevant technical interview and review it carefully while evaluating it without any bias.
  • Hiring from freelancing platforms. This is not the best space to look for qualified professionals. Most likely you will encounter a person with mediocre skills and a lack of experience. Better delegate this task to a professional agency.

Where to Hire .NET Developers

As you can see from the .NET global overview and statistics, there is no lack of specialists. There are approximately 6 million on the roles of .NET developer all over the world and basically, you can hire them in any country you want. If your team has enough budget and resources to hire in-house developers, you can search your local market. However, if you want to minimize expenses while maintaining the service quality, you should consider outsourcing .NET services or hiring a dedicated development team who will relocate to your premises but you will pay according to the prices offered by an outsourcing vendor.

Let’s take a glimpse at the average salaries of ASP NET developers in different countries. For example, in the United States, specialists get up to $105,000 per year depending on their seniority, skills, and years of experience. This is the highest salary in the world. In Canada and Australia, the salary goes up to $88,000, and in Western Europe — $80,000. In the UK, the level of salaries is the lowest, up to $72,000.  

Take into account that offshore .NET developers cost less than developers from North America. The price range varies between $50K to $30K per year depending on their seniority level and your specific requirements for a candidate you want to hire. If you want to hire matching specialists, you can look for Easter European destinations. Countries like Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc. are trusted by many international companies for .NET developers outsourcing.

If you want to know more about hiring offshore software developers in Eastern Europe — read our guide with valuable tips and a list of companies to consider.

developers .NET

Intellectsoft is a Trusted .NET Software Development Partner

Intellectsoft is a trusted outsourcing company with a market presence of more than 14 years. We are recognized by many review platforms like Clutch, TheManifest, Inc. 5000, and so many more for the level of professional enterprise software development services we offer and for the feedback our multiple clients gave us after collaborating with Intellectsoft.

Our core expertise includes experience working across industries such as fintech, healthcare, construction, hospitality, logistics, and more. We have gathered a team of qualified outsourced developers with outstanding programming skills who share our corporate culture and bring their own contribution while helping businesses digitize and grow exponentially through technology implementation.

Speaking of .NET specialists, we offer our clients access to our employees with the relevant experience or an opportunity to find the best-matching candidate among the large talent pool with the assistance of our skilled recruitment department. We are here to help you in your digitalization journey and are ready to offer all of our skills.

Feel free to contact us and get all the information regarding hiring .NET programmers or discussing your software idea with our representatives. Our team will gladly assist you with defining your project scope, and length, counting expenses for our services and so much more.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our top client cases to see our capabilities and exceptional results that enabled our partners to grow their businesses and benefit from collaboration with Intellectsoft.


What are the best destinations to hire .NET developers? 

As .NET is the most popular framework for 2022, respectively, there is a huge number of developers with relevant expertise throughout the world. If you want to hire a .NET specialist, you need to outline your future project and define the project length.

Once you do this, you can start looking for outsourcing vendors who can help you with the recruitment process. If you have enough resources and a budget, you can look for local specialists. However, their knowledge is more pricey and you have limited access to a small number of professionals.

If you want to get access to a wider talent pool and choose the most qualified specialist for the most reasonable price, you should consider Eastern Europe as your destination to look for .NET developers. We highly recommend you pay closer attention to developers from Ukraine as they offer outstanding service quality and are trusted by many worldwide companies.

What are the .NET developer average salaries? 

Taking into account that the demand for .NET developers is really high, they are remunerated respectively. Of course, the salary will vary depending on the location. For example, if we are talking about the US market, the average salary is starting from $70K to $105K per year.

In Canada or Australia, this number will be smaller, around $80K per year. The same goes for Western Europe. However, if you want to find a cost-effective option that will enable you to collaborate with an experienced .NET developer, you can take a look at Eastern Europe destinations, as the average salary of a similar specialist is around $30K.

Which company is the best to hire .NET developers? 

There are plenty of outsourcing companies all over the world. Most of them give businesses access to a variety of specialists with different experiences, technical skills, and knowledge to fit unique business needs. If you want to hire one professional or a team of .NET developers you should start with  detailed research.

Try to define what country you want to collaborate with, and then look for the best companies over there. Once you get the list of companies you consider, then take a look at their service range, portfolio, and reviews to evaluate which one you want to stick with.

Intellectsoft is one of the best outsourcing companies in Easter Europe and we offer a wide range of software development services. In addition, we offer outstaffing and team extension services and can also offer you our best .NET developers to work on your project, or to implement your idea on our premises remotely.

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