Apps Inspired by Uber: Android App Development Examples & Tips


Ten years since its inception, Uber continues to inspire entrepreneurial efforts worldwide. No wonder: the raid-hailing, ride sharing app successfully simplified the way we travel around town, turning our attention to other aspects of the city life. What areas of it could be improved and simplified in a smart way? As it turns out, there are a lot of answers to the question. From next-generation car rental to on-demand office spaces and as far as to healthcare, our selection looks at apps inspired by Uber (that also can provide inspiration themselves). For this list, we look at Android (but all the apps on the list have iOS versions, too). Plus, we provide some android application development tips that would help you start with your own on-demand Android app.

Take a look the apps and tips below.

Car Rental — Fair

Android application development

Fair aims to transform car ownership by providing a quick, easy, and paperless way to get a car (the company claims their service doesn’t involve loans, leases, and is not a car rental service). Everything happens in the app: you choose the vehicle you like, apply with your driver’s licence and bank account information, put your signature, and then just wait for the car. Each vehicle comes with limited warranty, roadside assistance, and routine maintenance. Users can order a number of other services additionally. The design is simple, clean, and all-around eye-pleasing, with well-designed motion animations. Overall, it seems Fair has put a lot effort into Android app development for their product.

Android app development achievement: unclutter car catalogue

Office Spaces — Breather

Android app development

Breather lets individuals, small businesses, and big brands quickly rent a distraction-free working space for an hour, day, or month. You find the right space, book it, get a keypad password, and that’s it. On top of that, you can book a toor via phone, email, or by writing to the live chat.

Each space is created and managed by the company’s design, operation, and real estate experts. If one needs to change spaces quickly for different activity types (meeting, presentation, lecture), Breather employees will ensure those spaces are ready.  

On Google Play, the app has 4.3 stars, with users praising design and overall quality in five-star reviews. More so, Breather’s partners include high-profile companies like Apple, Airbnb, and Spotify. If your product relies on many important gears, always invest in professional Android application development.      

Android app development achievement: well-organized property catalogue allows for finding the right space easily and quickly

Beauty Services — Joiful

android app developers

Joiful is one of the apps that reminds us that mobile transformed our lives significantly. This simple application allows users to book massages and skincare services at salons or request a visit to a location of their choice. Users can effortlessly book the right service, schedule their appointments up to forty-eight hours in advance, rate treatment, and other features. Providing a platform for service providers, Joiful promises the services will be delivered to the client’s door in under an hour.

Joiful is a cross-platform app, which allowed the company to cut costs. In some cases opting for this option is a compromise between quality and cost, but this is not the case here. The app doesn’t have any complex features and its one of the most easy-to-use apps from our selection. If you are also planning a simple feature set for your product, separating iOS and Android mobile app development efforts shouldn’t be your go-to option — hybrid development could suffice.

Android app development achievement: very simple but comprehensive booking step

Car Booking — Careem

custom android app development

With over fifteen millions users, Careem is the leading ride-hailing app in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region, Turkey, and Pakistan. Like Uber, the app simplifies ordering a car as much as possible through smart design decisions and letting users track their rides in real-time. More so, Careem allows to schedule multiple rides and streamlines tipping the drivers, whom the company refers to Captains. Also, the “Wallet Overflow” feature enables drivers to add excess cash to the wallet as credit for future journeys.

The company relied on expert custom Android app development for the project: Careem has 4.6 stars on Google Play and became the regional leader in less than five years after being established in 2012 by two people.

Android app development achievement: smart multiple rides scheduling

Moving Furniture — Buddytruk

app development for android

Buddytruk aims at addressing a common stressful situation: moving a furniture  from destination A to B. Here’s the user experience: you take a photo of a furniture item, get matched with a driver, and they deliver it while helping you to load and unload. The application’s payment algorithm calculates the price based on time and mileage and is built to be budget-friendly. Like the rest of the apps in our selection, the UX ensures the entire process is simple. As for the other aspects of the moving experience, Buddytruk ensures user security and comfort by performing extensive background of the driver and their vehicle. Users are also covered with up to one million excess liability insurance.

Buddytruk isn’t getting good reviews recently. Users stumble upon many different bugs and glitches that impede comfortable usage (earlier reviews are significantly more positive). Buddytruk reminds about the importance of consistency when it comes to app development for Android. When you have an on-demand service, every gear needs to work cohesively to ensure a comfortable user experience. If one of them doesn’t, a business runs into the risk of losing a customer. This is all the more important in stressful tasks like moving.

Android app development achievement: simplifying the moving process


FAQ: Android App Development Tips for Apps Like Uber


Where to find Android app development companies?

You can find the right Android app developers in ratings of consulting companies and research and ratings platforms. For example, the Washington-based Clutch offers comprehensive reviews and ratings by industries, platforms, cities, and more. You might find your Android application development partner there.

What to look for in your Android app developers and development partner?

Android has been around for years, so seek out companies with at least ten years of experience overall and five years in custom Android app development. An experienced company will dive deep in to your project, asking a lot of questions and doing workshops to deliver a solid app, as well as ensure its consistent operation over time. If you want deep expertise, look for an Android app development company that focuses solely on the platform. Still, mind that Android app developers working in such companies may have less expertise than multi-profile software development providers, more so when it comes to complex products.

What will be the Android app development cost for your app?

An app similar to those in our selection, and with a long feature list, will cost you at least $250,000. Still, you will have the precise cost upon finalising the key features.

Want to build an app like Uber? Start by turning to our experts for a consultation.

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