Webinar: Digital Transformation in Construction Industry [Video]

On April 23, Intellectsoft’s top experts of the Construction Industry went live for a 40-minute webinar to discuss how construction leaders should act now to think one step ahead of the current crisis.

Our experts weigh in on the latest research and trends to help to imagine the perfect digitization phases for one building development and more effective, affordable, and efficient solutions.

The “Digital Transformation in Construction. Thinking One Step Ahead” tackled the areas of implementation, real-life examples, constraints, and more regarding the potential digital transformation steps as different layers or dimensions of the BIM repository and other essential tools.

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Digitalization as XD Roadmap

Digital transformation in the construction industry is not just a nice to have thing from a design, estimating, and safety perspective. It is also becoming a part of state regulations in most developed countries.

During the webinar, we considered the adoption of 3D and CAD modeling as the base-level and reviewed all other D’s to 8D as a new layer or dimension added new Interactions between parties, collaboration opportunities, and other benefits.

Talking about the ecosystem, there were five parties of system interactions: customers who would be a project owner, a cost control department, management including Project and Operations managers, third-party vendors and contractors, and engineers and developers.

webinar roadmap

In the 3D case, our base level, we assumed that all designing and engineering work is done in 3D. So all initial project documentation right from the start is digital. We have Architects and Engineers collaborating and sharing on the system. The 4th dimension or 4D case would be time.

In the particular version the BIM repository adds:

  • Planning and Estimation;
  • Integration with construction management tools;
  • Documents, Materials, and Phases approvals workflows;
  • Deep integration with Design and construction simulation tools.

As the 5th dimension, we would add costs. In the 6th layer, we add even more parties and control to the system. The 7th dimension is all about post-production management, operations, and reconstruction. And finally, the last 8th dimension is safety during the project and after it is completed.

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Insight Driven Construction

Throughout our experience in Intellectsoft, we have faced a bunch of challenges for the construction domain. We’ve successfully solved and implemented them as solutions for our clients.

Our experts kindly presented you with the most significant ones during the webinar. And we hope this helps you to understand more about particular parts of the solutions that you can use in your developments starting today.

If you aim to transform your business processes digitally, Resource, BIM, and Risk Management are three crucial tools to consider during pre-planning, scheduling, and allocating your resources with a final goal to maximize efficiency.

Transform Your Vision With Intellectsoft

While there is still a lot of uncertainty and challenges around the digital transformation in the Construction Industry, our expertise allows us to consider a variety of technologies, use cases, and solutions for a software consultancy. Intellectsoft has strong domain expertise for advising the right solutions to solve particular business challenges and avoid pitfalls while delivering and deploying them.

Find these and other answers to your questions by watching the webinar. And if you have any additional questions left, or want to discuss your next project with us, get in touch with our experts today!

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