Product Engineering Services: Essentials

July 25, 2018

Your business became profitable and requires scaling or, perhaps, your enterprise is growing successfully and now requires international expansion with localization of its services. Or maybe there is a hidden problem that slows the growth. You are looking for a concrete solution, but you find too many Why’s behind every What. Here, product engineering services come to the fore to help you implement the necessary changes effectively.

When Do You Need Product Engineering Services

Product engineering (PE) is a process of designing, developing, and testing a purposeful business system or product with further transitioning to its development. Product engineering solutions and services entail activities that deal with the following characteristics:

  • Productivity
  • Quality
  • Performance
  • User features
  • Reliability
  • Serviceability
  • Intended lifespan

Paired with analytical services, the product engineering process allows for creating a product that suits the selected business objectives and satisfies overarching business needs.

Product engineering initially meant building a physical product, but today it is commonly used to refer to custom software development. The term and what it encompasses in general applies to a software product as much as to a physical product. Whether you are building a next-generation manufacturing line or ERP software solution, a new gadget or game app, the final product needs to be of high quality and satisfy customer and business needs in any case.

Still, why do your business needs to hire a product engineer? For example, you need to solve a Software Problem X, and you think that Software Solution Y would work. A product engineering company will evaluate your idea from all sides, mapping out scenarios for different outcomes; they will cross out what doesn’t work, what works moderately, and what scenario will be the most effective for your idea, operation, or a set of operations. Such approach significantly improves code quality and the impact of a solution. In a common example, product engineering will grant you a simpler and more user-friendly design of a product as opposed to an over-complicated UX created without using a consistent approach.  

Product engineering service

Consistent approach that uses critical thinking will always grant you a more solid product. That is one of the promises of product engineering. In a highly competitive, rapidly changing business world of today, this is a string advantage for any business that aims to thrive. What else does PE offer? Let’s look at its essentials.

Product Engineering Services and Process

First of all, product engineering services and solutions help to define a clear roadmap and successfully drive product delivery while controlling all aspects of production (for example, server load and optimal distribution across the local network or Web). Then, PE experts calculate the measurements required for significant improvements and test their optimisation scenarios and methods to cut the production cost. Finally, they determine a qualification plan and perform feasibility analysis.

product engineering process

PE specialists are an important link that connects all key sides of software development process, ensuring the consistency and high quality of a product by applying design thinking. From early sketches to release, PE experts ensure a solid, well-balanced final product.

Product engineering services include:

  1. Custom enterprise software development
  2. Software integration
  3. Legacy application modernization
  4. Application portfolio consolidation

1. Building a scalable software solution to support business and elevate key operations, from employee collaboration to automation.

2. Improving software structure with well-built microservices and reliable API and data integration. This product engineering service can also include creating or improving a mobile strategy, with subsequent integration of enterprise apps into an IT infrastructure.

3. Modernising legacy applications. This is a very effective service, since outdated enterprise applications often cause employees to spend more time working around limitations. A comprehensive, well-built legacy solution helps employees become more productive and improve their job satisfaction. 

4. Frequent mergers and acquisitions leave enterprises with a wide variety of uncoordinated software solutions. Product engineering services help businesses consolidate, integrate, and refactor their enterprise software as necessary, moving existing solutions to modern software stacks and cloud. This streamlines IT operations, minimizes business costs, and increases employee efficiency.

product engineering solutions and services

The common product engineering process involves activities like requirement analysis, building a team, preparing technical documentation, and creating a basic design. This a kick-off stage. Then comes the discovery: software product engineering experts develop the solution according to the requirements, using scrum methodology. They show the code to clients every two weeks, perform user acceptance testing, and deploy the product. At the same time, a product engineering team will perform continuous server monitoring, allocate team members to fix bugs, and provide general client support. Also, you can request product engineering consulting prior to using this service, to get a better perspective on your situation, how your business can leverage the service efficiently, or to know whether you need product engineering services except consulting at all.

The Core of the PE — Software Engineer

Software engineers play a pivotal part in creating a software solution in any IT service, including product engineering. They build the foundation for an app, web solution, or IT architecture that influences the entire workflow and enterprise efficiency in general in the long run.

What is the difference between a full-stack engineer and a product engineer then? The former concentrates solely on execution capability across the software stack whereas the latter focuses on the ability to deliver the end result: a satisfying product.

Software engineers with PE competence need to be determined on building the product, acquire a deep understanding of what exactly it is that they are building, and remember that the product should be profitable and a pleasure to use. PE experts also should have distinct communication skills and know how to work cross-functionally with other key players within their product engineering company: product managers, business analysts, designers, marketers, data scientists, DevOps engineers, and other experts. Being aware of technical constraints and opportunities for any projects is also essential to an expert software engineer in PE, as it translates into effective allocation of product resources, setups, and other project aspects.

product engineering

A product engineer is also capable of estimating and prioritizing. When an engineer faces various options to tackle an issue, they accurately assess the level of input necessary for the available options — so they can eventually build the best product possible.

Additionally, PE professionals consider requests from customers and conduct failure analyses. They should know statistical methods and tools, use analytical thinking, and have problem-solving skills, proficiency in a specific technology, as well as continuously make spot-on improvements based on continuous feedback.   

Finding The Right Product Engineering Company

Finding the right product engineering company that fits your business needs is critical. To make the best choice, look at this key criteria: track record, industry expertise, and overall experience (the more years on the market, the better).

A product engineering company should make it clear that it focuses on the product engineering service and strives to help enterprises innovate, stay agile, and access new revenue streams. A good option is a company that offers solutions for your industry for at least five years, and has created custom products for a number of known enterprises.

Final Thoughts on Product Engineering

As new technologies become part of the enterprise and software solutions scale and become more complex, product engineering will play an increasingly pivotal part, starting with the concept and up to the customer support stage. Software improves the enterprise and our lives on many levels, and as its role becomes bigger, we need product engineers — dedicated experts who ensure we can rely on software solutions and delegate important tasks to the technologies the code supports, whether it is a productivity app, and AI-based algorithm, or a massive blockchain network.

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