Mobile Application Development: From Idea to Solution. An Interview with Andrew Garkavyi

March 12, 2015

As a mobile development company we work with a lot of clients that come with different visions of their future products. Many of them come only with an idea of a potential project, many want to expand existing businesses. In the interview for Clutch our CEO Andrew Garkavyi is talking about all the important aspects you need to consider to build a really great application.

Mobile application development: from idea to solution

When a client comes to us asking for advice or a quote, they may have nothing but the pure idea and a strong will to implement it. We can help with that. But before going into engineering or even visuals there are still a lot of steps to be done to realize what we actually we need to create.

We analyze each project to determine:

  • competitors on the market;
  • what our customer will be putting in their app;
  • what they are trying to achieve with this project;
  • who will be users and how they will use the product.

By knowing this, we can move further through the other mobile development stages.

In the interview Andrew covers a few most important aspects that clients need to know before starting partnership, including:

  1. Which platform to choose: iOS or Android?
  2. Hybrid or cross-platform solutions: what is the difference and what is the best solution to choose?
  3. Cost estimation methods – how to evaluate the project?
  4. Advantages of working with Intellectsoft

Read the full interview here.