Indispensable Features of an Event Management Software in 2021

In 2020-2021, the Coronavirus pandemic affected the previous freedom of movement and travel patterns, and the hospitality and event industries suffered from this change the most.

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According to the recent Deloitte report on consumer behavior trends, only one-third of respondents feel safe attending in-person events, and only half are ready to stay in a hotel.

In the given circumstances, the importance of each guest and conference visitor has become tremendous. The previous “common” tiny mistakes and difficulties turn out to be severe and costly nowadays.

In the new harsh reality, it’s inexcusable to search for a missing phone number, contact an important guest, or not invite the potentially interested client to an event.

If before 2021 it was recommended to automate these processes, today it’s already a must. Consider getting digital solutions to attract, work with, and stimulate each client.

And our guide will explain the specifics and conceptualize the need for implementing online event management software for your business.

What Online Event Management Software Can Do

In essence, event management software is the set of technologies that assist in coping with handling conferences. Usually, its toolkit is wide, ranging from planning the event to maintaining the customer base long after the happening.

The main purpose of this software is to automate and optimize the existing processes and client base.

Even though investing in event management tools may sound like a low-priority task for a business owner these days, the possible improvements can bring you good in a long-term perspective. Among all, the solutions facilitate effective planning, engaging new and existing clients, and establishing solid networking.

The set of enhancements also includes an easier registration process, solid assistance to the sales and support team, and even next-gen content optimization. Check the top 5 improvements in the list below!

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5 Common Spheres of Applying Event Management Solutions

  1. Registration. Event management software features enable building all-inclusive registration pages. Your clients can fill them from computers and smartphones, and you will have all the needed information stored in one place.
  2. Sales. The functionality of event management software includes tracking sales in real-time, creating effective promotional campaigns, and working with mechanics like “early bird” tickets in one place.
  3. Communication with clients. The remarkable feature of online event management software is working with the segmented client base in a language they understand better. Thanks to automated emails and event planners, your clients will get the information they need on time.
  4. Networking. The developers recognize that people attend conferences to make new connections. Thus, event management software features include the enhanced matching techniques to facilitate finding common interests and starting conversations with other conference attendants.
  5. Landing pages. In some cases, event management software can include customizable templates and design elements to build attractive and working web platforms to create a marvelous first impression.

5 Benefits of Event Management Software Implementation

  1. Full automation. You no longer need to feel and control data manually. The purpose of a well-developed event management solution is to minimize the human effort on hotel maintenance. This way, you can save time and money on completing more important business tasks.
  2. Next-level engagement. The toolkit of event management solutions includes various mechanics to increase attendee participation. This, in turn, leads to a higher event ROI. In simple words, an event management platform helps to make the most from the clients left.
  3. Sophisticated reporting. The capabilities of this software type include enhanced statistics and an ability to draw solid conclusions from the data available. With more data you have at hand, you can make more accurate decisions and establish a more flexible business approach.
  4. Cost-effectiveness. The general purpose of the software for event management is to make routine processes faster and effortless. Thus, even the most expensive technology works better for spending optimization than its absence.
  5. Faster planning and execution. Event management tools collect all the data needed for gathering successful conferences: detailed analytics, various types of social media integration, and top-performing marketing instruments.

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3 Key Things to Mastermind for Getting a Really Good Software for Event Management

First and foremost, event management technologies are designed to improve the existing processes.

Thus, you need an established system first. Before ordering, think of all the present and potential weaknesses your current event management possesses. After making this preliminary step, proceed to meet these recommendations:

  1. Determining your needs clearly. The purposes of applying event management systems software are multiple, and your task is to get the top-matching solution for your particular case. That’s why the best software providers always start by discussing the project details. Together, the client and the executor can negotiate on the custom appearance and the specific toolkit.
  2. Choose your top priority. There are multiple event management software features, and you should determine the thing that concerns you the most. Ask yourself a question, “What should I enhance as soon as possible?”. The answer may refer to task management, processes optimization, or participation encouragement, for example. In turn, your software solution should have an appearance that is corresponding to your top priority.
  3. Find a reliable provider. The major part of a really good coding solution in the area of conference and event management software lies on the development side. That’s why we don’t recommend trying to cut costs here — especially if your project includes sophisticated features or includes mobile app development. The better your software is made, the better results it will bring you, and the longer it will work.

As you can see, strategizing on software implementation is the major part of software development.

No surprise here: there’s no need to invest in expensive features of the technology blindly if your business will never use them. In this case, the more you think before buying, the better tool you can get from your software provider.

10 Advanced Software Features Your Event Management Tool Should Have

Here is the rating of top-demanded software elements for event management in 2021. Note that this list is not complete: we recommend negotiating with your program provider on the particular features your business needs.

  1. Smart lists. If you’re interested in getting easy-to-use registration, consider this tool. Basically, smart lists are segmented leads you can use to create a personalized experience for your attendees right after signing in to your event.
  2. Analytics. For more accurate communication with your clients, consider incorporating essential metrics. Ask your developer to add settings for retargeting campaigns, conversion rate analysis, and integration with social media.
  3. Widgets. If you need a quick website fix, request event management programs that have embeddable widgets. With them, you can add registration areas, conversation spaces, and sponsor spots hassle-free.
  4. Social integration. Let your software enable sharing through social media channels so that clients can promote your services among their followers. Don’t underestimate the influence of user-generated content on your business performance!
  5. Mobile app. Let your attendants access the conference schedule, check information about the participants, and communicate with their colleagues in your app! Later, you can use this tool to gather these people again.
  6. Push notifications. As practice shows, push notifications reveal their best as real-time announcements during the event and reminders about the upcoming events.
  7. Voting mechanics. Gamification and asking users’ opinions work in social media awesomely. Why not use them in your event management software? Enable real-time polling to bring power to your conference attendants. Let them change the schedule and invite a speaker once again, for example.
  8. On-site check-in. Facilitate the registration process and make it compliant with the new social distancing reality. Online check-in can be your branding instrument and the place for sponsorship spots too.
  9. Email campaigns. Consider connecting the email program to communicate with your client database effectively. Thanks to the personalization techniques, you can enhance this traditional marketing tool with more accurate messages and efficient templates.
  10. Promo codes. Another marketing tool that matches event management technologies perfectly. Sell more tickets and test various psychological techniques in one place.

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Where to Get Event Management Systems Software

If you’re looking for a place to get event management solutions, feel free to contact us! We’re Intellectsoft, a software development company offering various types of top-notch digital solutions for businesses worldwide.

From us, you can get multiple custom software development for travel and hospitality, and event management software is among them too.

If you already have a project idea in mind, just talk to our experts! We’ll discuss your future software in detail to ensure the delivery of a solution truly needed, without costly ads-on and irrelevant features.

By the way, if you need the complex technology that unites various sophisticated tools working smoothly, we’ll be happy to build them for you too! In this case, we’ll engage the most experienced developer in our team and put all our time-proven expertise at the heart of your software.

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