Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry: 5 Best Examples to Follow

Most experts in the various industries claim that customer service is the key to any business success. Accenture research has shown that poor customer service can cost businesses up to 1.6 trillion per year. That’s why most companies are now intensely focused on improving the customer experience.

It is extremely important in the hospitality industry to provide excellent customer service to obtain clients’ loyalty. Thus, more and more hotels are looking to implement the features that will benefit them from competitors in this industry.

Today we will look deeper into the best examples of customer service in hospitality to follow and provide some useful tips to imply the hotel business development strategy.

Customer Service in Hospitality Industry

5 Examples of Excellent Hospitality Customer Service

First of all, customer service is more than just providing the paid services for the hotel residents. That’s about creating a profound connection between you and the customers and improving their experience journey while staying in your hotel. So, here are the best examples to improve hospitality customer service.

Create the Golden Standards of Clients’ Service

The Ritz-Carlton hotel has created the golden rules focused on improving the residents’ comfort. This hotel company’s primary target is to provide a warm, relaxed, and refined ambiance by fulfilling even their guests’ unexpressed wishes and needs.

All the staff members maintain these standards to build strong relationships and create Ritz-Carlton guests for life. Consequently, there is no wonder this hotel is one of the top best hotels in the world.

Customer Service in Hospitality Trends

Implement the Latest Technologies for Hospitality Industry

However, the service quality can be upgraded with innovative technologies and software creation. For instance, the FlyZoo hotel in Hangzhou (China) has applied the hotel mobile app for booking, check-in, room managing, and service processes. Each room is equipped with a voice assistant, ready to complete any guest’s request like adjusting the temperature, lights, curtains, and the TV, playing music or answering simple questions.

As a result, these features form an unforgettable customer experience and boost the number of lifetime clients. The main goal of the FlyZoo hotel is to use intelligent facilities combined with digital management software for optimizing the workflow and focusing on the highest level of service.

Learn more in the video.

Pay Attention to the Room Service Quality

Now, most visitors are greatly focused on their safe and comfortable staying in a hotel. That is why Hilton hotels have instituted the CleanStay program to ensure their residents that all guest rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with hotel staff. Exceptional attention is paid to the high-touch areas like switches and electronic controls, handles and knobs, bathroom surfaces, and the remote control, which are covered with the CleanSafe sticker.

Learn more in the video.

Improve the Hotel Staff Awareness

Inspire the hotel employee and hire the inspired ones - that’s the leading advice for creating the perfect customer service in the hospitality industry. If focused on the clients’ comfort, your hotel staff can have a great impact on the final impression of the hotel image. Providing the best service can significantly increase customer loyalty.

For instance, the Dove Mountain Resort engineer has not only fixed the issue with water in the guest room but also made an extra, unexpected, and really pleasant surprise for the hotel resident. He left an apology note with personal contacts in case there are any other issues he can assist with, including a chocolate wrench. By creating such wow moments, this hotel definitely increases the number of loyal customers.

Turn Clients Errors Into Service Opportunities

Every one of us at least once has forgotten some stuff after leaving the hotel. However, that might be a perfect opportunity for customer service to improve. For example, the Ritz-Carlton employees are allowed to operate up to $2,000 to fix any guest problem without question. And that is why, after having left his charger at the hotel, one of the customers received a package with his charger and a note from the hotel manager. Increasing the level of customer satisfaction, your hotel will certainly stand out from the competitors of the same industry.


To sum up, customer service improvement is the key factor of the hospitality industry. To boost the service quality by developing custom software development for travel and hospitality, creating the golden standards of clients’ service, and using all the possible opportunities for improving the service in your hotel.

Customer Service in Hospitality

We, at Intellectsoft, empower hospitality companies and their workforces with innovative solutions and approaches. So, if you and your organization are looking for some, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Talk to our experts to find out additional information regarding the hospitality industry trends & improvements and how your business can start benefiting from it now!

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