A Simple Guide to Hotel Inventory Management Systems 

At present, more and more industries are now moving to the various processes of digitalization. The hospitality industry is not an exception, since efficient hotel management software can greatly increase the overall company’s ROI.

Hotel Inventory Management System Process

In the hospitality industry, hotel rooms are the primary inventory, which affects the entire business operations, no matter whether it’s the small independent unit or the large hotel chains.

The implementation of a hotel inventory management system can, in fact, provide you with efficient solutions related to booking management, room supplies stock, etc.

According to McKinsey, there are 2 main benefits hospitality units can get with hotel inventory management: interacting with their new customers, holding the existing ones, and receiving better revenue by improving their service delivery.

But there are much more to consider for inventory management in hotel industry, so let’s now dive in to discover the main information you should be aware of before its implementation.

What is a Hotel Inventory Management System?

In fact, the hotel management system software consists of a set of automated software modules that help the hotel staff to operate the list of the various functions.

This system enhances the hotel processes management, provides important information about the reservations, room supplies, guest transactions, overall hotel unit revenue, and more.

Here we will list the critical hotel management system modules, which are to be implemented on the first-come.

Booking System Software

It goes without saying that cooperating with the external hospitality providers which can offer your hotel services to potential consumers is more expensive than managing your own system. For sure, such popular services as Booking.com or Airbnb can directly sell your rooms with high fees.

However, the creation of hotel management system software is now a cost-effective solution for launching specific applications which perfectly fit all the needs and targets of a hotel unit.Hotel Inventory Management System Room

Additionally, the specific booking management software can receive, process, and analyze the details of reservations provided by the tour operators, travel agencies, and automated online bookings.

Furthermore, such a system provides a better understanding of the booking management, knowing the room availability and its reservation status, thus completing the remote reservation automatically.

That feature is exceptionally useful now when all the visitors are concerned about minimizing the social contacts during pandemic times.

Room Management Module

However, the hotel inventory management is not solely about the booking operations. One of the most initial inventories of any hotel unit is their rooms. And, to provide the best services to their visitors, the hotel inventory management system is one of the most effective options for constantly enhancing business development.

For instance, you can manage the room status, its standard supplies, and availability, or else block the rooms for cleaning, repair, or renovation.

As a result, you will always be aware of the real state of affairs with the room management, can account for your spendings on the room inventory, and make sure all your visitors will be provided with the rooms ready when they complete the check-in procedure.

Guest System Module

Another great option you should consider for your hotel management software is implementing the guest applications module to the hotel system.

This method will help provide better communication with the hotel visitors, inform them about the payments and transactions made in the hotel, thus making their stay more comfortable and safe.

Besides, with that hotel management system software, it becomes much easier to introduce all the hotel services to your visitors at once, so they can always find something for themselves: fitness centers, remote workspaces, restaurants, and additional services - plenty of rooms for enhancing the customer experience.

These applications can be introduced at the stage of booking or checking in, and offer personal offers, additional services, and some other useful information that might enhance the experience of your guests.

And, after they have checked out, they can also get some specific promotions for their next trip. Thus, you can easily turn the one-time visitors into loyal customers of your hotel.

Hotel Inventory Management System Worker

General Management Application

That module type is exceptionally important for the detailed management and tracking of the hotel’s internal processes.

Such operations as guest transactions control, staff resources management, employee’s personal information, specific hotel fees, promotions, and discounts’ details - by concentrating all this information in one place, you can significantly increase the hotel workflow.

Besides, according to the recent research, that’s a great option for your hotel employee training and development, duties, responsibilities, and tasks assignment, which is simply a must for your successful hotel functioning.

By separating and tracking the guest purchase behavior, staff workflow, you can put your hotel management onto the next level of development. That’s why this hotel inventory management system is now highly appreciated by the separate hotel units and the hospitality chains as well.

Benefits of a Hotel Inventory Management System

The implementation of inventory management in the hotel industry has a lot of different benefits for the hospitality businesses, and that is one of the key reasons why it’s so popular in the hotel management systems nowadays.

Let’s now discover the initial advantages you will get along with launching the hotel inventory software.

#1 Preventing the Risks of Rooms Overselling

With online sales, it often happens that the same product or service has been purchased simultaneously by different clients.

And, if the products can be additionally manufactured and delivered to the consumer, this is nearly impossible for the hotels to find the additional apartment for their guests. In most cases, this problem appears during the holidays and vacation season but can be easily resolved with the hotel inventory management system.

Hotel Inventory Management System Manager

#2 Enhancing the Hotel Inventory Management

In general, being aware of the real situation with the critical hotel inventory units can greatly help you to manage and track all the internal processes of your hotel.

Furthermore, that system can also provide you with a better understanding of the weak points which should be improved firstly, so your guests will be always provided with comfortable and professional services, which means increasing your business ROI.

#3 Saving the Hotel Investments

One of the most critical tasks for any hotel unit is how to provide the best services with the most cost-effective strategies. The hotel inventory management system application is the right solution for this target, as it helps the hotels to reduce their dependency on the external hospitality services by using their specific software, and, which is more, get more revenue of the room sales.

Besides, that is a perfect method of getting the reports about the hotel functioning, and estimate the costs needed for the certain hotel department.

Furthermore, by analyzing the financial reports, you can get the important data of the processes that need to be optimized, and get the latest updates about the implementation and efficiency of the changes.

#4 Staying Informed of the Room Availability

Being aware of the real situation with the room reservations provided by hotel inventory management software, you can easily define the strategy for the hotel development.

For example, if there is an excess of rooms available during the off-season, it’s a nice option of delivering specific promotions, discounts, or some other great offers for your customers.

This can significantly increase the seasonal ROI, as well as ensure you are getting the most of your hotel management.

Additionally, this will help you minimize the risks of the rooms’ stock-outs and excess stock, so you won’t lose your clients because of the inconveniences caused by the internal system errors, and will always have a stable and high revenue from your hospitality business.

Hotel Inventory Management System Reception

#5 Getting Better Profit from Your Hotel

The profitable business solution for the hospitality industry definitely includes process optimization. Needless to say more, the hotel inventory management software is a perfect option for getting the most from your hotel management, analyze the booking tendency, helps to define the weak points, targets, priorities, and build the best strategy for your hotel development.

All these improvements can not only enhance the consumer experience but also greatly increase the business ROI: the more clients you have, the more cost-effective strategy you follow - the more revenue you will get from your hotel unit.

Challenges of a Hotel Inventory Management System

Nevertheless, there are still lots of pitfalls and challenging tasks that the hotel inventory management software needs to resolve.

That is why, before you start building your hotel inventory management system, you should also be aware of the following challenges in this area:

  • Hotel inventory management system implies huge investments of costs, time, and efforts. This is to make sure all the core ingredients of the inventory excellence are utilized in your software. According to Deloitte, these components include the inventory strategy, analytics, process planning, and monitoring, data visibility, and access, business management tools, etc.
  • Constantly monitoring and improving the system gaps. Again, the hotel inventory management software as any other digital software needs to be updated and improved on a regular basis. This is caused by security purposes, and also is critical for the processes optimization and improvement, but not really everyone is ready to invest huge sums of money in that project. But we also must admit, those who have already given it a shot, have got much more benefits of the hotel management system software.
  • Last but not least, inventory management in the hotel industry also needs to track plenty of different processes for ensuring the overall hotel performance optimization. That is why, the hotel inventory management software usually includes not only one specific area, like staff tasks or booking systems but needs to unify all these into the complex hotel management software. Such a great challenge usually becomes the initial criteria of why most developers reject the projects of creating this type of software.


To sum up, the hotel inventory management software is a must for optimizing the hotel’s internal processes and enhancing the customer experience in this area.

This kind of software for the hospitality units can provide you with better revenue, make your investments more cost-effective, assist in creating the detailed strategy of the processes completing, develop your customer service, and lots of other perfect benefits for the hotel units.

That is why nowadays we can see the increasing demand in hotel inventory management software creation.

Our professional team of Intellectsoft developers has been studying the latest trends in the hospitality industry and is always ready with innovative ideas for custom software development for travel and hospitality.

Are you considering implementing the hotel inventory management system for your business?

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