What Is Enterprise Networking and Why Your Business Needs It in 2021

The contemporary digital era enabled the appearance of several concepts previously unknown. Enterprise networking is one of them.

This know-how covers both communication and safety problems within organizations and becomes more popular among business owners and managers these days. Why so? Follow reading to get insights into how enterprise networking works, whether your business needs it, and how to get this service in 2021.

What Is Enterprise Networking

Simply put, enterprise networking is the software backbone for digital communication in your company.

It links all the computers and devices in various departments and working groups and ensures simple and effective information exchange.

Why is it more than just a Wi-Fi connection? Because it serves two purposes simultaneously. It connects you to the Internet — just like any other type of wireless signal. At the same time, it ensures the smooth data transfers within the organization by linking machines in any environment — be that an office or a school. This makes enterprise networking an integral part of your organization.

What Is Enterprise Wireless Networking

The established enterprise networking system works as the Local Area Network (LAN). It unites several local computers and facilitates sharing various resources (like printers, connections, or files) between them. The Internet connection makes this activity faster and more cost-effective. Thus, enterprise networking is often titled “enterprise wireless networking.”

enterprise wireless networking

Source: Cisco

In essence, the enterprise wireless LAN system is a big Wi-Fi network for your company. However, merely bringing a Wi-Fi router to your company is not enough to make it work. You need to request specially designed tools from wireless specialists. And before that, you should investigate operational goals, policy demands, and technical requirements.

Only in this case, you’ll get a comprehensive cabling system that links all the remote departments and ensures your workers lead certified and secure communication with outside websites on the Internet. And it becomes enterprise wireless networking truly.

What Are Enterprise Networking Systems

To make the enterprise network work, you need the system connected on LAN standards to hardware and software solutions, ranging from hardware switches to Wi-Fi networks. All the typical enterprise networking systems involve the sophisticated adaptive approach to fit the organization's established structure. And this brings your enterprise networking to a system-level.

How Enterprise Networking Works

To ensure both smooth and secure flow of enterprise networking processes, you need to complete several actions. Among all, the system requires creating a user account — either on a computer or a mobile phone.

Next, the user should enter a password or verify his/her identification in some other way. Once entered into an enterprise network system, the visitor can safely interact with others.

There exists data encryption that protects communication with websites even outside a LAN. For this, you’ll have firewall software for setting standards and rules and prohibiting websites that possess a threat to the enterprise network. Within the system, the endpoint devices have identification numbers and verified credentials.

All these prerequisites ensure the maximum level of safety of corporate data exchange.

Data Exchange

What Is Enterprise Social Networking

As one of the key improvements the corporate network brings, this innovation reaches all the isolated users and departments and makes them more. This advantage turned enterprise social networking into the special dimension of enterprise networking. In essence, it works with social media and social interactions in various appearances within an organization.

What Is the Purpose of Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise social network (ESN) operates as a private platform for corporate communication.

Because of this, it creates an ecosystem where internal networking becomes incredibly fast. Simply put, enterprise social networking is a private Facebook specially designed for your company.

Enterprise Social Networking

Enterprise Social Networking Software

To make this enterprise social networking, you need to establish local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN). The exact appearance of enterprise social networking software depends on your organization's tasks and goals, along with the existing operating systems, mainframes, and devices.

If you’re interested in improving already existing enterprise networking software, SD-WAN and Virtual Extensible LAN are among the advanced technologies that empower enterprise networking standards. To accelerate the data exchange, check the quality of routers, cabling, and standards of your LAN.

The Advantages of Enterprise Social Networking

The key benefit of enterprise social networking is bringing corporate communication to a whole new level. In particular, it introduces engagement and facilitates interactions within your company — and all these benefits serve your business needs. In this dimension, it strengthens your company's "soft power," including brand awareness, the spread of shared values, and an increase of internal social networking skills among your employees.

How the Enterprise Social Networking Market Operates

At the current stage, enterprise networking operates as a self-efficient niche. Many software companies offer their assistance in creating corporate networks for your business, including Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM. Besides, popular social media networks (like Facebook and Twitter) remain influential in the enterprise social networking market.

In the given landscape of supply, North America and Europe remain the key markets for this technology. They possess the necessary resources to request enterprise networking and demand for innovativeness.

Socialcast and Yammer platforms are among the most popular tools of enterprise social networking. Mostly, companies request them to create a separate safe place for discussions, idea exchange, reporting, and getting updates. With ESN implementation, they get next-level perks:

  • Establishing the platform for internal training,
  • Getting more control over corporate environment dynamic through user metrics,
  • Strengthening security and decision-making with an enterprise.


Enterprise Network Security

Source: Cisco

All these factors make the enterprise social networking market one of the most promising in terms of further development. We strongly recommend investing in enterprise networking, and there are several reasons for that.

Among all, enterprise networking strengthens overall organizational security. It establishes a sustainable structure that protects each informational exchange that takes place in the enterprise. Among the concrete actions, the system scans incoming data to detect viruses and malware. As another dimension in this advantage, enterprise networking provides better control over corporate resources. It introduces the license that helps to protect and track every piece of information that passes the network.

Moreover, the introduction of enterprise networking brings innovativeness in the organization. It creates a sophisticated structure within your organization, which facilitates and speeds up your routine operations. Besides, you’ll enjoy the advantages of virtualization that helps to deal with massive data sets. And as a result, you’ll see that enterprise networking always leads to a significant shortage of organizational maintenance expenses.

Finally, enterprise networking optimizes organizational communication. It speeds up messaging and allows multiple people to work on a project remotely and simultaneously. This results in high efficiency and more enjoyable and hassle-free collaboration.

Establishing a really working enterprise networking isn’t easy. Among all, its design requires a 100% client-oriented approach. Otherwise, the enterprise will abandon an introduced innovation pretty fast. If your software is difficult to understand and use, workers will get tired of figuring out and leaving.

Another problem comes with the strategy of enterprise networking. Frequently, the solution created serves short-term goals and is incapable of addressing communication and technical challenges that appear in the long run. Precisely, enterprise networking results in working as a separate layer from all the existing systems and processes.

Thus, before ordering enterprise networking for your business, you need to understand your corporate specifics, tasks, and desired outcomes. Investigate the diversity and complexity of the devices, main security concerns, and areas of improvement in terms of organizational communication. By having concrete tasks, you’ll have clear KPIs to measure the effectiveness of introduced enterprise networking software.

How to Hire an Enterprise Networking Software Development Company?

If you’re interested in trying enterprise networking, feel free to submit us a request.

We at Intellectsoft have vast experience in creating client-oriented and effective software solutions for businesses. If you’re ready to try one or want to enhance your existing corporate network, our software developers will cover your back.

Talk to our experts today to find out more about the topic and how your business or project can start benefiting from it!

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