Top Custom Software Development Companies in 2019

March 22, 2018

This is a version of the post updated for 2019.

By 2019, picking out the best custom software development companies has become like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are many reputable companies that deliver solid software worldwide, their portfolios brimming with top brands.

Still, as new technologies emerge the tech industry continues to evolve very quickly, prompting custom software development companies to create new solutions and compete in new, exciting fields.

Therefore, all this comes to one thing. Today, a top software development company needs to stand out with innovative solutions that work, propelling the progress of the IT industry, the world, and helping their clients with software that is as advanced as it is valuable to business.

So, Intellectsoft found that impactful innovation will be the right merit to base our rating on.

Check out our list of the top custom software development companies below.

ScienceSoft: Software Development Company Operating Since 1989


With over twenty-eight years of experience, ScienceSoft is one of the most seasoned companies on the IT solutions market. Scientsoft’s key focuses are CRM, data analysis, collaboration and knowledge management, information security, as well all the essentials — various custom software development services, IT consulting, software testing, and other.

ScienceSoft offers solutions to many industries, but over the years the company has been focusing mostly on banking and finance, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The company’s clients are mostly high-calibre enterprises — Walmart, NASA, eBay, Nestle, T-Mobile. It was also ScienceSoft who created the Viber app. Meanwhile, ScienceSoft’s strategic partnerships include Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Magenta, and other well-known enterprises.

The company’s headquarters and client operations centre are located in McKinney, Texas, while the major development center is in Eastern Europe. ScienceSoft also has a European Union office in Vantaa, Finland.

Established: 1989

Headquarters: McKinney, Texas

Focus: CRM, data analysis, collaboration & knowledge management, information security

Key Industries: Retail, telecommunications, healthcare, banking and finance

Services: custom software development, IT consulting, SharePoint, web portals development, ecommerce solutions, and other.

Oxagile — Custom Software Development Company for Video Solutions


Oxagile provides end-to-end custom software development services to SMBs and enterprises, focusing on online video management, advertising, real-time communication, and data solutions.

Online video management software is Oxagile’s stand-out offering. The company has extensive experience in live streaming and on-demand video software, IPTV, mobile video, as well software solutions with VR and 360-degree video. The lists extends to gaming consoles and smart TV platforms solutions.

As data driven culture is key to any modern business, Oxagile bolsters their offering with Big Data and business Intelligence solutions.

The company’s headquarters are located in New York, with an EMEA office in london and the development center in Belarus. Oxagile offers both Scrum and Waterfall methodologies.

With Vodafone among their clients and Microsoft among the partners, Oxagile is one of the top custom software development companies for video solutions for SMBs and enterprises.

Established: 2005

Headquarters: New York, NY

Focus: Online video management software solutions

Key Industries: Media and entertainment, finance and banking, healthcare and telemedicine, marketing technology

Services: Custom software development, mobile app development, web development, quality assurance and testing, automated testing, dedicated teams

Konverge: Toronto’s Leading Custom Software Development Company


The twenty-year experience in software development has expectedly made Konverge a top custom software development company in Toronto and North America in general. The company offers custom software development services, mobile app development, web development, and business intelligence solutions to medium and large businesses.

Konverge’s stand-out offering is comprehensive Microsoft SharePoint development and consulting. The company offers solutions for the platform since its release in 2003, and they are Microsoft’s official partner.

Going further, Konverge has three products of their own:

    • Field Eagle, tablet-based mobile inspection software that brings simplicity to the inspection process while standardizing and removing the risks from it.
    • MenuSano, an online nutrition calculator that helps restaurants create and print out nutrition charts for their customers.
  • Aptunity, a web app that helps HR professionals assess the skill sets of job applicants with specific tests.

Established: 1990s

Headquarters: Toronto

Focus: Custom software development, Microsoft SharePoint development and consulting

Key Industries: not specified

Services: Custom software, mobile app, and web development, SharePoint solutions, business intelligence solutions

Intellectsoft: Custom Software Development Company for Industry-specific Solutions with Latest Tech


Intellectsoft is a global custom software development company that helps SMBs and enterprises with impactful, industry specific solutions with the latest technologies — blockchain, augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence based solutions (machine and deep learning), Internet of Things, Big Data solutions. Intellectsoft also offers comprehensive Team Extension services, employing top software engineers with niche skills from Eastern Europe. Intellectsoft’s key focuses include custom software development, blockchain consulting and development, and augmented reality (AR) in construction.

Over the ten years of operation, Intellectsoft’s software solutions have helped Fortune 500 companies like Eurostar, Ernst & Young, Harley-Davidson solve their business objectives. This has allowed Intellectsoft to earn a top custom software development company spot in six ratings in the UK region, as well become a Global Development Leader by Clutch.

Intellectsoft’s products include a well-known app builder with pre-made modules Mobile Roadie and a technological framework that allows to use AR to improve the construction process with Microsoft HoloLens and AR apps.

Intellectsoft operates from offices in Palo Alto, New York, London, Oslo, with technological offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Minsk — the capital of Belarus (both in Eastern Europe).

Established: 2007

Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

Focus:  Comprehensive software solutions with the latest tech

Key Industries: Construction, finance, retail, ecommerce, insurance, healthcare, events and venues, sports, travel and hospitality, entertainment

FrogSlayer: Custom Software Design & Development from Texas


FrogSlayer is one of the best custom software development companies in Texas. FrogSlayer puts the individual to the forefront of their work, whether it is a client or an employee. The company also prefers the “quality over quantity” approach. FrogSlayer uses Scrum methodology to deliver software to their clients.

Established: 2005

Headquarters: Texas

Focus: End-to-end custom software development company

Key Industries: not specified

Services: custom software development, consulting, cloud management

Itransition: Comprehensive Software Development Company and Software Outsourcing for any Industry


Itransition helps startups, medium-sized businesses, and big enterprises achieve digital transformation with software solutions powered by the latest tech. These technologies include augmented reality, blockchain technology, and Internet of Things solutions. Itransition’s offering is wide-ranging. From product engineering, quality assurance, and DevOps — to various data management solutions and business intelligence, the company has almost every custom software development service one could name. The range of Itransition’s industries is also extensive and captures the majority of key industries, from retail to entertainment to education. Itransition has company “locations” in Denver, Colorado, London, United Kingdom, and Minsk.

Established: not specified

Headquarters: not specified

Focus:  Comprehensive end-to-end custom software development

Key Industries: Retail and wholesale, Healthcare, Automotive, IT

Services: Custom software development, mobile development, IT consulting, DevOps, and other.

Trigent — Custom Software & Outsource Software Development Company


When it comes to offshore outsourcing, Trigent Software is one of the most long-standing custom software development companies. Trigent operates with a business model that relies on a client-facing US office and development capabilities based in India. The Trigent solutions offering is wide-ranging, with three areas of focus: enterprise custom software development, cloud services, and SharePoint solutions. As for the latest tech, Trigent offers Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science solutions. Over twenty years of operation, Trigent has developed over one hundred products for SMBs.

Established: 1995

Headquarters: not specified

Focus:  enterprise custom software development, offshore outsourcing

Key Industries: manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, education, startups

Services: product engineering, cloud solutions, SharePoint solutions, mobile app development, Digital Transformation, business intelligence, and other

Openxcell — Custom Software Development Company


Openxcell paved its way to our top custom software development companies list primarily due to their extensive mobile app development offering. Openxcell provide all key mobile app services a company might need, especially when it comes to instant apps. Over its ten years on the market, Openxcell has also become experienced in custom software development services in general. The company offers cloud services, product re-engineering, QA services, and web and ecommerce development. Additionally, Openxcell has created several products, an enterprise chat and multichannel inventory management system among them. Openxcell’s clients include Unilever and Motorola. Openxcell is also a prolific custom software development company: they delivered over seven hundred software solutions to over five hundred clients in IT, retail and ecommerce, and logistics and shipping.

Established: 2008

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

Focus: custom software development, mobile app development, blockchain solutions

Key Industries: IT, retail and ecommerce, logistics and shipping

Services: instant app solutions, mobile app and software solutions, smart contracts development, QA services, chatbot development, and other.

Kandasoft: Custom Software Development Services


Kandasoft offers end-to-end custom software development services for over twenty years to companies, ranging from Fortune 500 clients to dynamic startups. Kanda seems to have every custom software development service in its offering, from cloud and SaaS and mobile app development — to team augmentation and Big Data solutions. Kanda Software focuses on custom software development services for the healthcare industry, information publishing, marketing and media, finance, as well as digital security, enterprise knowledge management and search, and other. The extensive expertise and experience of Kandasoft in these verticals give them the spot on our list of the best custom software development companies.

Established: around mid-nineties

Headquarters: Newton, Massachusetts

Focus: end-to-end software solutions, software for the healthcare industry

Key Industries: digital Healthcare and mHealth, information publishing, marketing and media, finance

Services: custom software development, software product development, mobile solutions, front-end, ux and ui development services, enterprise application integration, system modernization, maintenance and support, quality assurance and testing services, business intelligence

EPAM: Software Product Development Services


 EPAM systems is a top custom software development company globally, with offices all around the world. EPAM was established back in 1993, and has since grown into a software solutions provider with a vast workforce. The company offers a long list of services in IT consulting, product design, UI and UX design, as well as many custom software development services. Two more services of the EPAM offering are dedicated to business operations in general and their optimisation. EPAM offers custom software development to major industries, from finance to energy to automotive.

Established: 1993

Headquarters: Newton, Pennsylvania

Focus: enterprise software solutions

Key Industries: financial services, business info and media, retail and distribution, software and hi-tech, travel and hospitality, life sciences and healthcare, energy and utilities,  manufacturing and auto, insurance

Services: IT consulting, product design, custom software development

SoftServe — End-to-end Software Solutions

SoftServe Logo

The best software development companies are mostly the ones who have been operating on the IT market for over ten years and offer every essential custom software development service in the book. Such custom software development companies are the foundation of this list, and SoftServe is also one of them. The company has been providing IT solutions for over fifteen years. SoftServe’s current offering is extensive, ranging from services like experience design and artificial intelligence to digital marketing and transformation. SoftServe focuses on catering to independent software vendors, healthcare, finance, retail, and media. The company also has their own IT academy.

Established: beginning of naughties

HeadquartersAustin, TX (the US) and Lviv, Ukraine (Europe)

Focus: end-to-end software solutions

Key Industries: independent software vendors, healthcare, financial services, retail, media

Services: experience design, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, core engineering, quality engineering, security, digital marketing, enterprise digital, DevOps, consulting, digital transformation

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