SF Mobile Entrepreneurs Meetup. How to Build the Product That People Will Use Forever

May 9, 2014

At our last SF Mobile Entrepreneurs meetup on “App Stickiness” we were very lucky having Siqi Chen (@blader), CEO and co-founder of Heyday app, talking about his experience of being retention focused mobile app.

This time we decided to experiment with the presentations formats and hold a fireside chat with Siqi. Kate Rutter (@katerutter), designer & entrepreneur at Intelleto, did a fantastic job moderating discussion by bringing to the table her own experience and product stories.

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Watch a video and check the notes from the fireside chat below!

Heyday was featured by Apple in Editor’s Choice for quite a long period of time and highlighted among the best iOS apps of 2013 on TechCrunch. Heyday’s mission is to help people remember the story of their lives. They took a look at journaling and reimagined it for mobile. Heyday writes itself just by having your phone in your pocket.


Watch the video to find out the story behind Heyday’s creation, why it is hard to be a user retention focused company, what they worry about when thinking of user adoptions, and what analytics tools use to capture key metrics and to understand customers.

Unfortunately, you can watch only 15 minutes of a 25 min interview due to some technical problem. Sorry for that!


My brief sketchnotes below show the visual theses of key findings from the Siqi and Kate talk.

Mobile App Stickiness

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