Introducing Real Pixels – Dropbox Image Viewer For Designers

July 31, 2013

We are excited to present you Real Pixels – an application created specially for mobile designers.  It helps to review designs in real size on any Android device right from your Dropbox.

Most likely you noticed that the default Android image viewer scales photos to fit to the device screen.  For an ordinary user, this is not a problem, but for Android designers, this little feature creates a lot of inconveniences. It doesn’t allow you to see the graphic in actual size unless you prepared it for the screen resolution of the device that you are using.

Oleg Sheremet (UI/UX Designer) and Alexander Tyschenko (CTO and Android engineer) teamed up to solve this problem and created a beautiful and very simple application, which does not scale your designs.

Download Real Pixels on Google Play!

real pixels dropbox image viewer for android

With Real Pixels, you can easily evaluate the real quality of any icon, illustration, visual design or a photo on your Android device. Just connect your Dropbox account and put the graphic into any folder. Real Pixels opens your graphic without scaling it.

Let’s make a great mobile design together!

Real Pixels on Google Play
By Anna Iurchenko