Brighter Joins Intellectsoft

We’re glad to announce that Intellectsoft has another addition to our family—Brighter. Brighter’s experience and excellent track record in building and launching world-class software products will be a valuable addition to the company’s products and services roster. This is the second portfolio expansion in 2017, and the fourth in the past three years.

Brighter specializes in helping software startups develop MVPs and aiding established businesses in team extension and product improvement. The company’s portfolio includes ‘Think Apps’, a platform that can be used to create clickable prototypes for Apple Watch apps; Presentain, a cross-platform application for creating and conducting interactive presentations; as well as TestNest, a SaaS platform that helps mobile app developers optimize their App Page for conversions with comprehensive A/B testing functionality.

Our teams are a perfect match. We combine a startup mentality with the experience and knowhow required for developing reliable software for successful startups and established enterprise clients.

The CEO and co-founder of Brighter, Nick Kurat, commented: "When we first met the Intellectsoft team, we were amazed to see how much both of our teams shared the same mindset and long terms goals. We are confident that joining forces with Intellectsoft will create a powerful collaboration to accelerate our businesses towards new heights."

Artem Kozel, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Intellectsoft, says the addition of Brigther’s products to the portfolio will be useful to company’s in-house development team. “Brighter has developed an effective and practically tested method of starting and improving applications and helping funded startups scale. Their experience and knowhow will help us improve our own delivery.”

This addition further strengthens our position for our Initial Public Offering, which is scheduled to be held in 2020.

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