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Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab developers deliver enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy, and custom blockchain development services. Our blockchain experts will help you bring a high level of security and mobility to your enterprise by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, identity solutions, and smart contracts.

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1 Clarifying Your Needs

We gather your initial requirements during the first meeting. After the assessment, you receive an approximate budget and timeframe for the implementation of your blockchain solution.

  • High-level requirements list
  • Project assessment
  • Workshop option & Statement of Work

2 Strategy & Concept Workshop

A team of blockchain experts, business analysts, tech and product managers come up with a strategy that considers your existing and planned business processes. They identify limitations and risks, and create the initial project architecture concept with a technology stack.

  • MVP features and requirements
  • Clickable prototype
  • Complete project plan
  • Final development proposal

3 Design & Development

Once you confirm the implementation, we gather a development team for your project. You will be able to track the development process of your blockchain and every two weeks closely collaborate with your team — we use Scrum methodology.

  • Deployable product
  • Compete product documentation
  • Release plan

4 Launch & Support

We start releasing your blockchain in coordination with all your teams, from sales to support. After the release, our quality assurance experts test the system making sure it is ready for production. Finally, we outline support and maintenance processes for your blockchain project to ensure its continuous operation.

  • Product launch
  • Support and maintenance

Success Stories

Virtual Currency

Blockchain-based virtual currency for E-commerce


  • Ethereum
  • Smart contracts
  • ERC20 tokens
  • Identity management

Cryptocurrency Wallet

P2P proximity payments platform


  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Java backend
  • iOS and Android apps

Online E-commerce Marketplace

Blockchain-based online marketplace


  • Ethereum
  • Smart contracts
  • ERC20 tokens
  • Identity management
  • Secured crowdfunding
  • Crypto and digital assets management
500 Loyal Clients

Over a decade of stellar software solutions

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Do you have additional questions?

What is blockchain development consulting?

Blockchain development consulting implies the process of getting expert advice and recommendations on the most efficient implementation of blockchain technology in your digital business product. It involves collaboration with blockchain technology professionals who have in-depth knowledge and experience in this particular area to help you assess all the perks of blockchain solutions, determine project requirements, and design an effective implementation strategy.

How can a blockchain development team help my business?

A professional blockchain development team is a team of skilled professionals who specialize specifically in building blockchain solutions for businesses. They can help your business by suggesting or creating from scratch tailored blockchain solutions, including processes like designing, testing and security audits, maintenance, and others. The expertise of core team members ensures the successful implementation of blockchain technology in your business processes and/or products.

What are the benefits of using blockchain solutions?

Blockchain solutions offer many advantages for businesses. Firstly, the decentralized nature of blockchain technology ensures enhanced security and transparency of certain transactions and processes. Also, blockchain solutions enable immutable and efficient record-keeping. They streamline processes via smart contracts, reduce costs, and contribute to trust-building among business owners, customers, and other participants. This is especially important for industries like Fintech, Healthcare, Supply Chain, and others.

How do I choose the right blockchain development team for my project?

When choosing blockchain solution developers, pay special attention to their experience in blockchain development, expertise in relevant technologies, portfolio and client testimonials, as well as the ability to understand and address your specific business needs. It's important to collaborate with a team that demonstrates efficient project management, problem-solving, and communication skills in addition to its technical expertise.

Can I customize blockchain solutions?

Yes, blockchain solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. An experienced blockchain development team will strive to understand your business processes, identify pain points, and design bespoke solutions that align with your goals and objectives. Whether you need a private or public blockchain, a permissioned network, or only integration of specific functionalities, our professional team can deliver a custom solution that fits your unique business needs.

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