Big Data & Analytics

Improve the way you collect and work with Big Data and Analytics. Create a scalable way to consistently be able to boost your business intelligence, develop a reliable way to analyze your data, and give your employees a convenient way to visualize and understand your customers’ preferences and the market’s trends.

Data Architecture

The most surefire way to save costs and maximise ROI when approaching Business Intelligence is to approach development with a clear roadmap. Intellectsoft can analyze your business needs and leverage the latest technological advances to provide your business with a data architecture model that gives your employees and decision makers precisely the information they need exactly when they need. Whether you are looking for real-time access to data or solid processes and rules for the collection of data, our consultants and developers can help you arrive at the perfect solution.

Analytics and Visualization

Your data can only be as useful as the information and analytics it is capable of providing you with. Intellectsoft can help you develop convenient reporting and visualization tools, as well as an intuitive user-interface complete with dashboards that will allow your key decision-makers to have the information they need available to them at a moment’s notice.

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Take your approach to Big Data a step further with data mining and predictive analytics. Automate the process of discovering new patterns in large data sets and simplify the process of extracting data in a comprehensive, understandable structure.


When time is of the essence, opting for a third-party solution can expedite the process of collecting and analyzing the operational and reporting data available to you. Intellectsoft consultants can help you choose the right Business Intelligence suite that meets your business requirements and works smoothly within your current Enterprise Architecture landscape.

Our Process

Discovery & Analysis — A qualified team of system-analysts and consultants observes your current solutions, discovers key problems and opportunities for improvement, and develops a roadmap based on your business needs.

Development & Testing — Qualified developers with niche expertise develop, test, and deliver a turnkey Big Data solution for your enterprise.

Implementation & Support — Intellectsoft aids you in implementing the new suite into your daily business operations and provides thorough support and maintenance of your software.


Relational and NoSQL databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB and others

Web Technologies and frameworks: Python, PHP, Java, .NET

Modern JavaScript charting and visualization frameworks: D3.js, Chart.js

DevOps and Cloud Computing expertise

Blend the best of both worlds with our hybrid development expertise —get a custom solution!

Your software vision is about to be realized.


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