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Improve each and every aspect of your team, league, or training program with specialized software. Create a next-level fan engagement experience or develop specialized health and fitness software to elevate your game.


Bring key information to your fans mobile devices and drive engagement with a branded application made through a low-code mobile platform. Update your app on-the-fly with a specialized CMS, learn more about your users, engage fans with targeted notifications, and build a solid relationship with your fanbase with automated marketing.

  • Geolocation and Navigation
  • Gamification
  • Content Management
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Networking


Utilize the latest technological developments and bring your fans’ experience to a higher level—at home and in-stadium. Live-stream games, bring a new dimension to the court with Augmented Reality, streamline ticket sales and navigation, and more.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Geofenced Messaging
  • Arena-Home Transit
  • Custom Features
  • Live-Streaming


With over a decade of experience in software development, the Intellectsoft team can create any software you may need. Create specialized health and fitness software, automate the analysis of your data, and improve your training with secure and specialized software. Your imagination is the only limit.

  • Wearable Tech
  • Smart Design
  • Big Data Analytics
  • IoT
  • Training Software

Client Success


A single application that caters to the key needs of the SD Gulls fanbase with stadium check-ins, a fanwall chat, team roster and scores, as well as the game calendar and ticket purchases.


A celebrated swimming equipment manufacturer helps swimmers capture detailed workout statistics with fluid Android and iOS applications developed by Intellectsoft.

Grand Rapids Griffins

Engaging app with exclusive deals triggered by Beacons placed in and around the arena, rewards for active users, and “Goal Scored” notifications for users who couldn’t make the game.

340Loyal Clients

Over a decade of stellar software solutions

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