The 4 Pillars of Holistic App Development

July 29, 2015

Between the middle-of-the-night code marathons and delivery pizza dinners, app developers are rarely mistaken for holistic health gurus. But here at Intellectsoft, we actually believe the success of each group relies on similar principles.

Just as holistic healers promote a balance between mind, body, spirit and emotion, our engineers encourage clients to focus on four interconnected ideas. When equal attention is paid to each area, digital dreams can flourish. But when one or more is ignored, any number of app development ailments may appear.

Here are the four pillars that support our strategies:

1) Requirements Identification

Why is the app being created? Who will be using it? What features are essential? We want clients to be as specific as possible when articulating their ideas, and we ask the probing questions that reveal exactly what they want their final products to achieve.

Once we understand these strategic expectations, our engineers can start outlining the technical requirements that will satisfy each one. These guidelines will be continuously referenced throughout the application development process to ensure every activity aligns with the client’s original objectives.

2) Agile Development

Clients do not like surprises. Keeping that in mind, we subscribe to an Agile methodology that immediately welcomes clients into development conversations and shares functional application elements often. By providing continuous progress reports, both sides are able to identify potential problems sooner rather than later.

Developers do not like surprises either, of course, but we recognize that it’s often part of the job. Luckily, the natural flexibility of Agile processes helps us quickly adapt to unexpected changes introduced by business realities.

3) Product Promotion

Flawless application development and design does not automatically guarantee results. (We know…we wish it did as well.) The truth is it takes a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract a loyal audience for your app.

From app store optimization to media outreach, our marketing toolbox has everything you need to crack the case. And instead of waiting until launch day to roll out these tactics, we get clients thinking about promotional possibilities from our very first conversation.

4) Audience Analytics

Even after applications start attracting a steady stream of downloads, our work is not complete. Instead, we supply data-based insights on user engagement before presenting potential strategies for optimizing and expanding audience relationships. This crucial step helps us objectively measure whether we have hit the original ROI targets set by our clients.

As you can see by now, there’s a reason we call them pillars as opposed to stages.

Our pillars exist together, not in isolation. They are addressed continuously, not sequentially. And when integrated effectively with one another, they can be used to build amazing things.

To find out more about how holistic app development could transform your ideas, contact us today!