App Story: An Essential Event App for the Holmenkollen Ski Festival

From Eurostar to the UK’s National Health Services, Intellectsoft has provided impactful software solutions to the world’s established brands and organizations through the ten years of operation. Our software solves problems in many industries and areas of focus: we have built a streamlined mobile publishing platform to help EY, a campus app for the training center of a top oil and gas company, a marketing iPad app for Harley-Davidson.  

Sports and events have also been one of our focuses, as we helped hockey team likes San Diego Gulls and Grand Rapids Griffins elevate their stadium and game experience. As a result, we have reached another important milestone: the legendary Holmenkollen Ski Festival turned to Intellectsoft for an official event app.

Every year for over a century, people from Norway and the country’s guests gather at Oslo’s highest point — the neighbourhood of Holmenkollen. The area has one of the greatest ski jump hills in the world and has proven to be a fitting place for holding ski competitions since 1892. This year, ski enthusiasts will gather at the festival once again to enjoy ski jumping, cross-country skiing on various distances, and biathlon.

To provide a comfortable event experience for the Digital Age, the festival turned to Intellectsoft for an essential event app. The app was created with Intellectsoft low-code mobile app platform Mobile Roadie, which now has pre-made modules to allow for faster delivery of apps without loss in quality.

Holmenkollen Ski Fest App

The app needed to serve two major purposes: provide all the event-related information to the guests and help them navigation the location. The festival wanted to leave behind the classic printed materials, which are easily lost or forgotten. An app needed to become a digital brochure and location guide that will always be with the visitors, on their mobile devices.

As a result, Intellectsoft has created a clean and simple app with a smooth user experience that includes features that are essential to event applications. More so, we were able to deliver a solid final product in only one month, owing to the pre-made modules of the Mobile Roadie platform.

Holmenkollen Ski Fest App

The News section is a feed mostly dedicated to the latest updates about the ski festival’s competitions.

Simple to navigate, the Schedule section will quickly inform the guests about the events, while the Results section will help them keep up with all the scores until the festival’s final minutes.

Meanwhile, the Map will help the visitors navigate the vast, snow-laden landscape of the location with ease.

Holmenkollen Ski Fest App

Finally, the Profile section will allow the users to switch between the event’s two parts (the first part will take place on 9-11 of March, the second on 15-18 of March), provide navigational and general information, answer frequently asked questions, as well as inform the guests about the places where they can take their kids to. The section also provides information about Oslo, the city’s tourist attraction, and Norway in general.

As for the other side of the screen, the festival’s representatives will be able to manage the app’s content in a simple, clean interface that allows to perform any action with only a few clicks.

This concerns any type of content, as well as the push notifications and geofenced (location based) messaging features, which are also available with the app.

Intellectsoft is very proud and excited to be a part of the legendary Holmenkollen Ski Festival by contributing to its digital transformation. We are confident that our application will make the event more comfortable and improve the festival event experience further. The app’s promise of providing all the required information and location navigation will surely allow visitors to focus solely on the spectacle of skiing — the favorite sports of Norwegians and many sports enthusiasts around the globe.

Need to build an impactful industry-specific solution in line with your brand? Struggling to find a reliable software partner to meet your many requirements? Get in touch with Intellectsoft now.

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