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Intellectsoft can help shed light on your market positioning and refine your marketing approach through custom surveys and research and use the latest in business intelligence to drill down and deliver actionable reports.

Whether you’re selling licensed products, SaaS, or mobile solutions, Intellectsoft’s quantitative product research will give you an edge on the competition by utilizing only the technology and methodologies most appropriate to solving your market challenges.

For emerging companies we can estimate demand and market size; or established enterprises we integrate data from customer CRM to locate customer pain points. In both cases, our job is to ensure that you aren’t left relying on just your instincts and biases.

By better understanding the needs of your customers and employees, you can respond faster to client needs, minimize wasted effort, and focus on what creates value for your users.

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We are not new kids on the block. We evolved alongside all the software and technology we work with.


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"Intellectsoft has been quick to pick up what's important to us as a business and understand how we work. They've been excellent at providing innovative solutions."

James Hayward // On-Board Business Systems Manager // Eurostar

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