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Intellectsoft provides both enterprises and SMBs with full-cycle development of software that will provide tremendous opportunity for growth, workflow streamlining, and scalability. Our team of business, development, and marketing experts works closely with the business, every step of the way. This ensures that the end result meets and exceeds the demands and expectations set by the client.


Every process begins with a thorough analysis of a business’s needs and demands. Our expert consultants determine the business processes that can be facilitated by software, and ensure that the development process begins with complete understanding of the needs and expectations of our client.


Intellectsoft’s Agile process ensures that there are multiple iterations of the software solution before the final product is released. The product is re-evaluated after every sprint, allowing clients to monitor progress and request modifications, molding the perfect software for their business.


No product works in isolation, so Intellectsoft ensures that the delivered software is compatible with third-party solutions. Our team will create a seamless connection between your existing workflow and the improvements created by the software you have requested.


Our team of marketing experts helps your business find early adopters for your new software applications and provides consultation services for client acquisition across multiple channels.


Progress can never stop, which is why Intellectsoft offers all clients consulting services, allowing them to plan the next steps in the development of their business and software. Whether it’s planning for future iterations of your software or discovering new, better ways to implement solutions that are already being used — Intellectsoft’s consulting services are available to clients of any size.


Each business requires a personal approach to software support and maintenance. Intellectsoft provides clients with multiple options, allowing them to choose between 24/7 on-call support centers, on-demand updates and improvements, and consistent monitoring of the software’s growth and usability.

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Ready to make some software magic?
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