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Each developer at Intellectsoft has an acute understanding of the tremendous benefits a well - executed application can bring to a business. Whether it’s for workflow automation, security, or analytics — good software is the difference between being three steps ahead or playing catch-up with your competition. This is why the Intellectsoft team goes to great lengths to develop effective and durable software solutions to help enterprises and SMBs achieve their goals with precision and speed.

Financial Services

Keep up with the mutable regulations and client demands by adopting software that facilitates financial operations and enables you business to move at greater speed. Intellectsoft is an experienced facilitator of Digital Banking UX/UI, BigData analytics, and integration with third-party software.

Ecommerce & Retail

Build a stronger bond with your customers by creating software that complements and enhances their shopping experience. Whether it’s mobile applications to offer your clients unique deals and make their shopping more convenient or the development of in-store positioning software—Intellectsoft can help your business create solutions that can put your business ahead of the curve.

Software & Hi-Tech

Invent and develop the technologies that will change the world. Tap into the development expertise of Intellectsoft and bring innovation into IoT, automotive software, and wearable tech. By living on the bleeding edge of innovation, we know there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Increase the security of your information and create workflows that will ensure the accuracy of your studies. Develop tools to take advantage of the latest in information and analytic technology. Create frameworks that help your organization connect with patients and staff, allowing them to spend less time on paperwork and more time on delivering vital healthcare services.

Media & Entertainment

Innovate the ways in which your audience experiences entertainment. Create engaging multiple-screen experiences, embrace VR, and create the next software to change the media and entertainment landscape.

Gaming & Leisure

Revolutionize the way we work and and play with our support. Gain the crucial software components for the next big gaming hardware or; if you’re a small mobile gaming developer with big dreams; get our help in planning, building, and delivering your mobile gaming app to market We ensure you are utilizing every advantage.

Hardware & Wearables

Connected homes, Internet of Things, wearable tech, automotive software, VR, drones, smart cities, smart watches, smart devices -- whatever you call them we build the tech that makes them tick. We are here to put the Deus in your Machina.

Real Estate & Services

Embolden your sales efforts through smarter software. Our team of experts has over nine years of experience in creating ERP and CRM solutions to help you manage sales leads, track reliable sales data, foster client engagement, and optimize your services for prospect and clients.

Travel & Hospitality

Ensure your guests and clients enjoy their trips with flawlessly-executed software solutions. Create convenient booking methods, provide all the key information before your clients step through the door, and follow up with clients to create lasting customer relationships.

Transportation & Automotive

Revolutionize your logistics and transportation. Reduce costs and inefficiencies by streamlining operations through precision analytics, fluid capacity planning, fleet management, intuitive communication tools, innovative marketing, and secure data. Public transportation services, international airports, and leading automotive brands have put their trust in our custom software solutions.

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