TOP 15 Most Creative Android Apps of 2013

December 11, 2013

It is very easy to find visually stunning apps for the iPhone or iPad but don’t underestimate creativity of Android designers and engineers.

There is a wealth of apps that are artistic and stylish and can impress any picky users. Here, we present TOP 15 apps that we consider being some of the most impressive and well-designed apps in Google Play market. Android applications are beautiful! 🙂

1. Timely Alarm Clock

Timely is the excellent alarm clock for Android. You will be impressed by it stunning user experience and inventive interactions (link).

2. Hue – Beautiful Weather

It is a simple weather app that makes observing the weather a beautiful and memorable experience. It will impress you with fresh colours and fluid animations (link).

3. Jiffy – Time tracker

Jiffy is a time tracking tool with the clean, uncluttered design and powerful functionality. Jiffy’s beauty is in its simplicity (link).

4. Kobzi News

Kobzi is the personalised newsreader with well thought interface aimed to provide you with the best reading experience (link).

5. Moves

Moves for Android keeps a log of where you go, how far you walk, run or cycle. It presents the data simply, and nicely (link).

6. 500px: Best Photos

500px is a lovely photo app that become a primary place for inspiration for many photographers from all over the world (link).

7. Nwplyng

Android app that promotes sharing and discovering new music with a badge-collecting gamification system similar to Foursquare. The app’s design is clear and consistent, with a super smooth side menu that you can slide in from the left-hand side of the screen (link).

8. Google Keep

Google Keep strives for simplicity. Just add a quick note from the top of the app and it will drop in at the top of the feed. Just a pure, elegant solution for taking notes (link).

9. Flib

It is elegant, intelligent and simple converter app (link).

10. Timer

Simply beautiful timer for your Android smartphone (link).

11. Umano

Umano is the catalogue of headline news and thousands of articles narrated by real people. The app has quite simple design, but it is polished and highly accessible (link).

12. Nice Weather

Yeap, here is one more weather app. But its truly worth your attention! Nice Weather is gesture based app designed to be simple and pleasant while giving access to accurate weather information (link).

13. Origami

Origami offers a secure, private website for your family. Android app is elegantly designed and combines complex functionality with an simple interface where almost everything is visible and easy to access (link).

14. Runtastic Heart Rate

The Runtastic app can measure your heartbeat with great accuracy, using your smartphone camera sensor. Visual, accurate and informative (link).


Beautifully design music app with a bit of bee aesthetic. Some UI elements are represented by flower heads, petals and pieces of honeycomb while bees flying in the foreground (link).