Use the paired power of our KADO technology and Microsoft HoloLens for precise measurements and point layout in your construction process. KADO gives you the tools to see how MEP communications should be built in real-world conditions before the setup stage. For MEP engineers and BIM specialists.

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Decreasing Clashes & Reworks with AR

Each year $15 billion is spent on reworks in construction projects. We are building a technology that helps to avoid reworks, increasing the productivity of a construction process. How? KADO creates on-site model visualization with precise and stable coordinate frames directly linked to the BIM models. Use the power of KADO to drastically increase productivity of the on-site team! Now workers have the tools to see how MEP communications should be built in real world conditions before everything is setup. No more misunderstood blueprints and slow layout of installations with a traditional tape measure!


75% faster point layout compared to tape measurement


Lower number of clashes and reworks


Clearer communication with stakeholders


No downtimes due to less errors


Model stability in large spaces

KADO increases the precision of model stability by using more tracking algorithms.

  • Simple model registration
  • No drift during walking around
  • Loading of multiple models simultaneously

Easy measurements between points

KADO integrates the measurements of model dimensions and points into an AR model viewer.

  • Point to point measurements
  • Shape parameters
  • Virtual and real world points measurements

Standard Industry Formats Support

Take your common project file formats on-site with KADO. Our technology supports Revit and AutoCAD file formats.

  • .RVT
  • .DWG
  • .DWF

See Augmented Reality in Action!

KADO gives the power of augmented reality to MEP engineers and BIM specialists. Get access to our closed beta to decrease clashes and reworks in your construction process.

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