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Invent and develop the technologies that will change the world. Tap into the development expertise of Intellectsoft and bring innovation into IoT, automotive software, and wearable tech. By living on the bleeding edge of innovation, we know there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

No one really knows which technological marvels may be around the corner in our mobile data-driven future.

Whether it’s building Bluetooth low energy IoT software, solving wearable compatibility issues, advancing retail beacons, delivering on augmented reality solutions, integrating with AI, or delving into deep learning — Intellectsoft can help you address a variety of technological requirements with a diverse team of experienced software professionals. Find out how we can help you revolutionize your business and amaze your clients.

  • Expand usability and compatibility across different devices with new APIs and apps for your transformative hardware solutions.
  • Receive full support through the development lifecycle, including software design, architecture, integration, and QA/Testing.
  • Keep an eye on the big picture while we address cloud solution scaling, data integration, storage management, and security issues.
  • Deliver beautiful and intuitive client-facing solutions with a winning approach to frontend design.

Ready to make some software magic?The first step is connecting.

Your software vision is about to be realized.


Land Rover Harley Davidson
Universal Nestle
NHS Clinique
Guinness Audi
Bombardier Eurostar
EY Giant
Jaguar Hoosbaa

Ready to make some software magic?
The first step is connecting.

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