BiteHippo Featured by Apple in What’s Hot Productivity in App Store

September 21, 2013

Smartphones and tablets for many of us redefined how we keep track of the daily routine and stay organized. Many productivity and to-do mobile applications provide a variety of functions to follow deadlines, to structure and prioritize tasks and to share them with co-workers. Such apps usually have many tabs, buttons and text fields and give you enough flexibility to organize your task list in the most convenient way for you.

In a contrast to such complex todo apps, we created BiteHippo – super simple and super clear task list for iPad. It is designed with the simplicity in mind, and its clear and intuitive interface is perfect for busy people who want to create a task with just one gesture, organize list with simple drag and drop and hate wasting time on filling many forms.

Additionally to that BiteHippo has a special toolbar to help you to manage your list not only with the gestures but directly from the keyboard.

Recently we have updated BiteHippo for iOS7 and app was immediately featured by Apple in the What’s Hot in Productivity.

By Anna Iurchenko