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June 1, 2013

Following the tradition, you can find the most essential news of May in mobile world in our monthly newsletter!

Why Yahoo is purchasing so many companies? Google IO – what the search giant has released and how would it affect mobile industry? Google Glass: a year after announcing. It’s real, despite all sceptical forecasts!  Mobile commerce: all studies claim it’s exploding right now. Are you in?

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Stanfy News

Why Silicon Valley?

As you already know, recently we’ve opened an office in San Francisco. Now we are set to explore the US market and work on even more cool projects. If you are still wondering what led to this brave step and what we are looking for, read the post from our passionate CEO Pavel Bashmakov.

Our Own Product UA Today Presents News in English!

Except for creating great apps for our clients, we at Stanfy also experiment with our own products. One of them is the TOP news reader for Android in Ukraine – UA Today. Recently we’ve added one more news source to our app. From now on Kyiv Post, the leading English-language newspaper in Ukraine, is now available for Android users.

Our Waterbalance Is Selected in Apps Design Served

You can congratulate us again 🙂 Our application’s design is spotlighted by Behance’s affiliated site – Apps Design Served. Waterbalance is truly an interesting app that makes you think of water consumption and take care of your body. Users often get hooked up on the app from the first day. We believe that simple UI and slick design play a big role in this.

Why Time&Materials?

We often hear this questions from clients: “Why can’t we fix time, budget, features, and get a great product?”. The reality proves that to be successful you have to be very agile. Agile development and T&M approach are inseparable. This post will illustrate that process of app development is much more complicated that it may seem.

Takeouts from SF Meetup: Branding Your Business

The past three months our Business Analyst Anya Iurchenko has spent in the US and attended a number of fascinating events. Not so long ago Anna shared her impressions from the meetup in San Francisco, which was dedicated to conventional and personal branding, tips from experts and a case-study on Trader’s Joe vs. Whole Foods.

Mobile Industry News

Google IO Highlights for Mobile

Annual Google’s conference this year was focused not only on tools for developers to create Android apps, but also on improvements to Google products – Maps for mobile and Google Now cards. Together with the enhancements, some new products were introduced: Game Services, Hangout+ separate apps and Music All Access. Despite the expectations, no hardware updates have been made.  

Yahoo Acquisitions And What’s Behind It?

Since Oct’12 Yahoo has acquired a dozen companies, including the last record purchase – Tumblr. Recently the company also made a formal bid to acquire Hulu, TV streaming and movie service. Experts consider that all these acquisitions are made for straightening Yahoo’s mobile presence as well as bringing more talent to the company. Read the full article for detailed analysis and forecasts.

One Year After Announce And 100 Apps For Google Glass

It’s been a year since Google have announced its magic device and its successful future is much more real than it might seem. Selected beta testers have obtained their Glasses, and soon the device is expected to go to the masses. However, major mobile companies decided not to wait and already released a dozen ready apps for Google Glass: Gmail, Weather, Stock, Calendar, New York Times, Path and Tweet. In this article you can also find the list of apps we’re dreaming about.

While Mobile Commerce Is Exploding, Are You In?

In Q4 2012 about 11% of retail e-commerce dollars were spent through mobile – this is about  $18.6 B, and expected to reach $31 B by 2016. There are several reasons for this spectacular growth: the proliferation of Android and iOS devices (esp. tablets), new mobile usage habits (“lean-back” shopping) and demographic shifts. And here you can find useful 5 tips to improve mobile commerce strategy not to stay aside.

Interesting events in May:

  • LeWeb London – Leading conference for innovation and entrepreneurship, June 5-6, London
  • Inside Social Apps – Conference on developing and monetizing social apps and mobile platforms, June 6-7, San Francisco
  • Apple WWDC – Legendary Apple’s event, June 10-14, San Francisco
  • Bloomberg Next Big Thing Summit – Conference on trends in technology, business and innovation, June 17-18, Half Moon Bay, CA

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