Top 5 Unique Marketing Tools You May Not Know About 

Whether you are seeking new ways to engage your customers, need to reach millennials in the right place at the right time, or want to get inspired to create your own unique marketing product, we have hand-picked five unique examples of stand-out marketing tools for different channels and purposes.  

A marketing director of an established brand with a young audience, an aspiring entrepreneur, a digital marketing manager, a senior-level manager at a big organization — everyone will find something interesting in our list.

Let’s start.  

Social Media — WeAre8 

WeAre8 is a unique mobile platform for influencers and micro-influencers that helps them connect with their favorite brands to get paid for sponsorships. Influencers download the WeAre8 mobile app, sync their social media accounts, and can receive sponsorships in a personalized feed. 

There are over thirty vertical feeds available, including fashion and style, technology, visual arts, music, and wellness and sports. 

There are three  ways to get sponsored:

  • Share branded content across social media channels
  • Watch and respond to videos from brands
  • Create unique content

After a user gets paid, they can cash out to a PayPal account, or donate to a charity of their choice.

Best marketing tools

WeAre8 positions itself as a people’s platform for those who want to have a solid side hustle. The platform partners with over thirty-six charities and donates five percent of brand spend as part of its business model.

Meanwhile, any brand working with WeAre8 has direct access to millions of influencers worldwide, with a combined social following that exceeds 1.2 billion users. 

Mobile — App Platform Mobile Roadie

Launched in 2009, Mobile Roadie is the first Do-it-Yourself (DIY), no-code app builder in the history of software development. Its creators recognized that mobile will become a powerful marketing tool, creating a universal, rich-featured, and intuitive app builder for businesses across industries. Mobile Roadie is still highly popular today, powering ups apps of Madonna, Dallas Mavericks, Wynn Las Vegas, San Diego Zoo, and more. 

digital marketing tools

The platform uses a drag-and-drop editor and ready-made feature modules to allow businesses to quickly build and customise native iOS and Android apps with unique design. It also includes a comprehensive content management system (CMS), and a data dashboard with insightful app analytics that let business learn more about their customers. 

Mobile Roadie’s pre-made features include:

  • Media: music, audio, video, podcasts, photos
  • Interactive map
  • Events and schedule 
  • Chat wall
  • In-app ads and purchases
  • Push notifications
  • Pop-up promos
  • Geofenced messages
  • Polls
  • Rewards,
  • Augmented reality
  • Beacons, and other features

In sum, a business gets a mobile presence, a set of engagement tools, and means to learn more about their users — faster and at a fraction of the cost as compared to custom software development. If a company wants to go above and beyond with their app, they can hire the Mobile Roadie team to do custom development as part of three different packages aimed at the look, functionality, and business needs.  

Content Marketing — Unsplash

Whether it is an enterprise or a new neighbourhood restaurant in New York City, Unsplash is a real find for marketing efforts in any company. If the inherent mediocrity of the likes of Shutterstock tires you, or producing quality visuals and photos for your content takes more time than your team has, Unsplash provides just the right solution. 

online marketing tools

Free of charge to this day, Unsplash started out as a place where professional, amateur and mobile photographers as well as visual artists uploaded their photos, both sharing and promoting their work (the user is always reminded to copyright the author when they download a picture, but it is not obligatory). 

At the start, Unsplash reminded a more slick and elevated version of Instagram without comments and influencers, where you could browse beautiful photos, finding something for a social media page of a small business like a coffee shop. 

While it successfully saved that allure, today’s Unsplash can cover the needs of the vast majority of industries, from embedded software development to building construction to island festivals. 

If you need a crisp, attention-grabbing image, Unsplash is a go-to platform: you can always find something to make your blog or social media post stand out from the crowd. 

Unsplash is also a forward-thinking platform: the like count was removed and the newly introduced monetization is organic, as businesses put advertising in Unsplash-styled photos in an intrusive way. 

Finally, Unsplash is just a pleasure to use wherever you click. 

Voice Advertising — Spotify Ad Studio

In a world that overwhelms your customers with visual information from all sides and screens, voice advertising is having a big moment alongside the enduring popularity of podcasts and music streaming. A properly put together voice ad is not only effective, but less intrusive as compared to different types of visual ads filling the numerous screens of your users. 

Part of Spotify for Brands ad suite, Spotify Ad Studio is a self-service audio ad platform that lets brands create great ads in three easy steps:

  1. Creating an ad. You can pass the script to the Spotify team, and they will record a voiceover, mix the music, and produce it at no extra cost. 
  2. Audience targeting. You target users based on their age, gender, location, activity, music or podcast taste, as well as choose on what platforms to air it. 
  3. Campaign customization. The last thing you need to do to launch the campaign is set a budget and dates. 

Key platforms include mobile tablet, desktop, web. Platforms like gaming console, connected TV, and connected car are available in some markets.  

There are also two advertising options aimed at Spotify Free users. With interest targeting, brands can engage users based on activities and topics they like (determined by their podcast, playlists, and platform preferences). The feature works in three categories — comedy, technology, and cooking. The second one is real-time context targeting, allowing brands to reach users at specific moments during the day, like a morning run or dinner. 

With a twenty-nine million ad-supported users and a set of measurement tools, Spotify Ad Studio may be a fitting choice for your next voice ad campaign. 

Cross Platform Ad Management — Adobe Primetime

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Today users watch TV on their mobile devices anywhere they want, as the classic TV experience has become a thing of the past. With advanced data tools and technology available, new advertising opportunities for broadcast and cable networks and other TV providers amount. 

Adobe’s advertising platform Primetime helps TV providers and their partners in a number of ways:

  1. Uses data and machine learning to help TV providers know their viewers better, improving ad targeting across platforms. 
  2. Creates smooth and personalized ad experiences without buffering and playback errors.
  3. Enables the providers to enforce intelligent authentication rules, reducing account sharing and driving revenue.
  4. Allows TV providers to operate at scale, ensuring reliable ad insertion at massive live events like the Superbowl.
  5. Allows for delivering video across all platforms in a single workflow and ensures consistent ad delivery across all screens.

Adobe Primetime is used by the vast majority of TV companies in North America. 

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