Top-5 Android Apps That Will Make iOS Users Jealous

November 27, 2014

Comparing Android and iOS is becoming more and more similar to legendary comparisons of Coke and Pepsi, Nike and Adidas, McDonald’s and Burger King, Visa and Mastercard, Canon and Nikon etc. We all will easily decide which brand is better each of these comparisons, but the thing to remember is that all our choices will be different. That is why we decided not to discuss the pros and cons of both operating systems and avoid any comparisons in this post at all. Instead, here are our favorite five from all of the many unique Android apps that can make iPhone or iPad users jealous.

To be fair we will showcase exactly the same number of unique iOS apps that can make Android users bite their lips! So, here you go!

1. Locale app lets Android users customize their phone with crazy levels of detail ($9.99)

Locale won the grand prize of Google’s Android Developer Challenge. Obviously, it is one of the coolest apps for Android and showcases what the Android platform can really do. Locale’s advanced artificial intelligence manages settings automatically. It means users can customize how their phone behaves based on where they are, who calls, what the battery life is, the orientation of their phone, or the time. For example, users can set it up so they silence their phones by turning them over, or turn down the brightness automatically when the battery life hits 20%. Cool!

2. Google’s Sky Map makes Android users love stargazing even more (free).

The idea for Sky Map came from that fascination with the night sky that probably we have all experienced. The app allows users to identify objects in the night sky without flipping through a book or having data that could expire. No, this is not a fantasy. It is reality thanks to a new technology present in the first generation of Android devices. The phone’s sensors can detect the screen’s orientation and Sky Map calculates the view of the sky for user’s exact location. So by pointing the phone up to the sky, users can see what constellation they are looking at. The Sky Map app was created by Google to help curious people learn more about the stars above them. What an excellent idea and implementation!

3. UCCW lets Android users create their own custom widgets (free).

One of Android’s greatest strengths is customisation (shhh, this is not a comparison with iOS, we will keep our word! :-)). UCCW (ultimate custom widget) takes this idea further to let users customise widgets on the homescreen. It even allows them to design their own widgets. Without rooting their devices or installing a custom ROM or a special launcher, Android users can do some incredible things to shape their phones to be just the way they want them. The app lets them place custom clocks, battery meters, weather info, battery info, missed calls, Gmail, a calendar, and just about anything else right on their homescreen. There is a huge number of skins available on Google Play and shared in various forums, and more skins are being added all the time. UCCW offers a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor allowing users to customise layout, fonts, images, shapes, etc. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Muzei turns the Android home screen into a “living museum” (free).

Muzei is a live wallpaper that changes the Android homescreen into a different famous work of art each day. It also recedes into the background, blurring and dimming artwork to keep user’s icons and widgets in the spotlight. An Android user only needs to make a simple double tap on the wallpaper or open the Muzei app to enjoy and explore the artwork in its full glory. Alternatively, everyone can choose their favorite photos from their own gallery or other apps to use on the homescreen. To keep the wallpaper fresh, Muzei will rotate through the user’s favorite photos every few hours. Great app!

5. HoverChat lets Android users message without stopping what they’re doing (free).

HoverChat is last, but not the least in our showcase. This is a messaging app that lets Android users continue their conversations even while they’re using another app or watching a movie. HoverChat enables true multi-tasking. This app is ideal for all those who are tired of having to switch windows or pause videos just to answer an incoming message. By resizing and deciding how transparent they want the messaging window to be, users can customize their messaging to fit what they’re up to. Featured in Time Magazine “50 Best Android Apps for 2013” must-have Android apps for newbies and enthusiasts alike.

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