TOP 15 Most Beautiful and Useful iPhone and iPad Apps of 2013

December 10, 2013

2013 draws to a close and we decided to take a retrospective look at some of the creative and fresh mobile apps over the last year.

In our list not only apps that are aesthetically pleasing, but also apps that help users get exactly what they need done, as quickly as possible. We are taking both the user interface and the user experience into focus.

1. Blue

This weather app with simple and lovely minimal design. Coloured bars are generated based on the temperature, humidity, and sunrise/sunset times for the current location (link).

2. Moves

Moves tracks your everyday exercise, commuting and time spent in important places. Minimalist approach in design and smooth animations (link).

3. Currency

Simple currency converter with the beautiful custom interface and gesture support. Animations mixed with a flatter, layered user interface (link).

4. BiteHippo

This is very subjective choice as we have designed this app :), but we do like it and believe it is the best simple task list for your iPad. It is gesture based, clean and simple. Check it!

5. Lumosity

Limosity is the  fantastic app that well designed and has a unique style. It helps you to improve your memory, attention, and overall brain performance through scientific brain workouts (link).

6. Synchronize

If you ever tried to organise the meeting between three or more time zones – you will love this app! It is intuitive and simple, and allows you to easily check and project time across multiple time zones (link).

7. Readdle Calendar

A powerful calendar with good balance of rich functionality and simplicity in design. My favorite option it the natural language input. Just enter “Meet with Andrew tomorrow at 8am at Starbucks” and app will  create the event for you (link).

8. Simple Finance

A super simple iPhone application for tracking your expenses (link).

9. Thirdlove

ThirdLove’s iOS app utilizes computer vision and leverages iPhone sensors to size you and to find the perfect fit of lingerie for you. Application provides the unique experience to shop your personal collection where everything is in your ThirdLove size (link).

10. Konvert

A beautiful and simple unit-conversion app for iPhone. It includes most of the units you would ever need (link).

11. Elevatr

An ultimate entrepreneur’s notebook that helps them to keep track of the startup ideas. Elevatr’s interface is clean and simple. You will like it for the bold color palette and slick animations (link).

12. WWF Together

An interactive app for iPad that brings you closer to the stories of elephants, whales, rhinos and other fascinating species. App is beautiful aesthetic, has a wonderful sound design and music score, high resolution photography, and inventive interactions (link).

13. Flava

A private diary application to seize your life by moments. A beautiful app worth exploring (link).

14. Waky

A human alarm clock that gently wakes you up. Set an alarm, pick a voice you like and you are ready to go (link).

15. Quip

I like this app for its simple design and convenient text editor that allows to create beautiful documents on any device – iPad, iPhone or desktop (link).