Top 10 new Android and iOS apps from January 2015

February 6, 2015

We know, it is really hard to keep track of all new mobile apps launching every day. That is why we decided to collect the brightest newcomers (or the most prominent updates) of the past month so you can easily keep your nose to the wind. Feel free to say “thanks” in the comments below 🙂

So here’s a bunch of the greatest (in our humble opinion) Android and iOS apps that appeared or were remarkably updated during the previous month. Because of holidays, January wasn’t so rich with new apps as it usually is. The biggest news is probably from Microsoft. Google has been unusually shy so far for the beginning of the year, so there have been only a few nice updates of its apps.

Microsoft Outlook (Android, iOS, free)

Finally, Microsoft has brought its outstanding desktop mail client to Android and iOS. Mobile Outlook allows users to easily combine email accounts from different services like Gmail, as well as Microsoft Exchange accounts. Microsoft Outlook also lets users access their calendar and manage attachments without any effort.

Google Classroom (Android, iOS, free)

For a long time Google Classroom was only a web-based offering, but now it is available on Android and iOS.The mobile app allows teachers and parents to support students in their learning process by creating a virtual classroom. It gives students the ability to take and upload pictures, share PDFs to Classroom, chat with other users, and more. Google Classroom has added offline caching so they can use it without a data connection.

QuickPic 4.0 (Android, free)

QuickPic is probably the sole alternative to the stock Gallery app on Android. Until recently the new version of the popular program for viewing images was only available in the beta. The updated app contains several new and improved features. QuickPic allows users to easily list thousands of pictures and find new pictures.The app contains an internal picture editor which gives users the ability to rotate, shrink, crop pictures, and more.

Facebook Lite (Android, free)

Facebook Lite was developed for budget phones, but it also works as a handy version for those who can’t stand the usual Facebook app with a bloated pack of its features. Facebook Lite is optimized for 2G internet and areas with limited network connectivity. It is less than 1MB and uses very little data, which is great for weaker processors.The app includes the core Facebook functionality without any of the flourishes.

SoundSeeder (Android, free)

SoundSeeder app allows you to listen to music and connect additional devices as wireless speakers so all connected devices play your music in sync as one large sound system. Recently the app was updated. Now it supports Android 5.0 and, in addition to music mode, has a radio broadcast with more than 4500 online radio stations. The biggest change in the new version is that it integrates the server and client sides which had previously been represented by separate applications.

QualityTime (Android, free)

If you feel like you spend too much precious time on your phone or tablet, then this app is what you need. QualityTime offers a fun way to analyze your phone usage. It monitors how much time you spend on your smartphone and what specific apps you use most of all. The app allows you to set your own “alerts” and “take a break” notifications to help you manage and control your usage when needed.

Charlie Hebdo (Android, iOS, free)

The tragic events in Paris involving Charlie Hebdo have united people around the world in defense of freedom of speech. What the shooting did actually made the French Charlie Hebdo magazine become a symbol of the idea of freedom of speech. The main reason that we have to make mention of it is that today Charlie Hebdo iOS and Android applications are more popular than ever.

Unclouded (Android, free)

Unclouded app is very handy for those who are drowning in the sea of various cloud storage apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and BOX. The app allows users to manage the files that are found in all cloud storage apps: identify duplicates, see last-edited dates, see which files or folders are using most of the storage, search for files, and more.

Google Translate (Android, iOS, free)

The time-honoured Google Translate received a big update last month. Now there is a new feature called “Word Lens”. To see how it works you need to point your camera to any text and the Translate app will instantly translate it, even without Internet/data connection. Currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

FlashChat (Android, iOS, free)

FlashChat is a new app, which is great for chatting with coworkers, classmates or anyone else connected to the same Wi-Fi network within a 1 km radius. The messages are immediate, but will vanish from the server once you leave the Wi-Fi network. The chatting stays hidden from users outside of the Wi-Fi network.

You are welcome to tell us what apps we forget to mention here!


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