Tips For Startups: Be Careful With Lean

July 31, 2013

After Agile and Scrum, looks like Lean is the new religion. Everybody is doing or at least trying out lean. We have practiced Lean in many ways at Stanfy (later on I am going to share some more details), and I must say in many cases it does work.

However, when you dive deep into Lean, be careful not to get caught in some of the lean traps:

  • constraint thinking. Baby steps, learning loops, small iterations – it’s all good. However, be careful not to get stuck with narrow-minded vision and get crazy about details when you could lose the bigger picture. Don’t let the tail wag the dog. Act lean, but dream big.
  • failure is a failure. If you surf the Internet, you’ll find lots of articles which will tell you that’s it’s ok to fail. What’s more, that failure is inevitable – but also required. Failure does create new experiences and successful entrepreneurs. When you failed, there is nothing to glorify. With a failure it’s easy – tolerate it, don’t celebrate it.
  • don’t be religious about Lean. You need to understand that Lean is not the deterministic path to success. What’s more, Lean doesn’t guarantee success. It helps you to understand whether your idea is viable and fundable.

At the end of the day lean just helps you to fail faster, cheaper and softer.

Inspired by David Binetti (an amazing speaker, a successful entrepreneur and Lean advocate who is mostly famous for Votizen – A place to campaign for the candidates and causes you believe in).

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