Your Team’s Branded Mobile App: Winning the Content Game

March 2, 2017

There are three cornerstones of a team’s branded mobile app: the right content delivered at the right time; advanced marketing tools; and smart implementation of the latest technologies. Augmented reality sounds incredibly promising, but a great sports app always starts with content. Given that every sport is an eventful experience, a team’s branded mobile app should include a lot of it to satisfy the fans. Starting with timely news delivery and dashing as far as Live streaming (which will create advertising opportunities for teams), the right content is the first step to building an unrivaled game experience.

First Content Move & Branded Mobile App

Fans love discussing sports games as much as watching them. Every pass, every successful run, each questionable referee decision — fans fervently discuss everything, brief announcements and big news alike. This extends beyond the game itself, as each news piece about a transfer, an injury, or glance into a player’s private life is worthy of a passionate discussion between fans.

As many people say, being a fan is a real full-time job, and it’s not always an easy one. All the news about their favorite team is scattered across many sports media outlets, Facebook and other social media, and sports TV channels. Facebook and other apps may sync with their calendars, but what about the game calendar and event calendar for every team-related occasion?

With a branded mobile app, a team swiftly sweeps these obstacles away, converging news, game calendar (game schedule), and event calendar in one place. Moreover, with a sports app the fans will learn about every star transfer or injury before it reaches any media outlet. The fans will be the first to read an important announcement, find out where a game takes place,when it starts, and when the fan favorite MVP tunes into the Live chat. All the marketing team needs to do is send push-notifications at the right time.

Second Content Move & Branded Mobile App

A sports team app lets fans dig deep into the game’s core. The reason is that a team’s branded mobile app is also a sports data solution which offers all the game statistics: player and team stats, score updates, and a Live Game Center. To deliver on this promise, it is crucial to stick to a clean, minimalistic design, as it will make this massive amount of information easy on the eye.

When it comes to the numbers, a sports app doesn’t end on game statistics. Fans will also enjoy tapping through the team roster, team standings, and other similar game-related information.

Be it as it may, Live Game Center is the most unique feature. Imagine that your team’s dedicated fan is late for the game for personal reasons. He’s on the subway, there’s a decent connection to the Internet, he’s longing to see the game, and there’s time between stops on the way to the stadium to tune into something interesting — the ongoing game itself. The fan will simply pull up his smartphone and follow the game highlights and the key moments.

Third Content Move & Branded Mobile App

There’s ESPN, there’s Overtime (who plan to be like ESPN), there are other platforms for Live streaming of games. A branded mobile app eliminates the need for these services, as it may include the Live streaming option from the very start. In a sports app, this option is all around, as it allows fans to follow games almost in any circumstance, with start-to-finish coverage. A fan’s Internet connection has weakened due to technical issues from his side? The streaming will go from video Live streaming to audio Live streaming. Furthermore, a branded mobile app will allow team managers to use livescore solutions, like LiveScore push notifications, which inform fans on every game event. Additionally, Live streaming from the locker room or tunnel is bound to become a popular feature for fans, immersing them much deeper into the game experience, whether they’re at the stadium or at any place with an Internet connection.