IT Staffing: Why Eastern & Northern Europe Are Your Top Options

March 23, 2017

IT staffing is a great option for any company that needs to develop software. With IT staffing, companies can find additional software or mobile app developers to finish a project that needs new features or drastically lower the overall project cost. There is a wide number of countries that companies look to when they need a dedicated team or staff augmentation services. Most of them are located in Eastern and Northern Europe: these regions have sophisticated IT education and infrastructure, an ample quantity of available IT developers, and a wide price range—especially in Eastern Europe.

IT Staff Augmentation — Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is considered the best option for staff augmentation services and outsourced software development. The region has the highest cost/quality ratio in the software development industry. In addition, the price range is invitingly wide—any business can find a decent dedicated team for a fair cost.

The most prominent trait of Eastern European developers is their high software development skill. This is largely due to the solid Soviet science education that had no application after the fall of the USSR and was later leveraged in programming schools to educate aspiring young people in maths and physics. Some didn’t even attend these schools — they had been successfully learning programming themselves. This has lead to the development of a distinctive aspect: Eastern European dedicated team members can be stubborn, but in a good way: if they see that something has been done wrong, they will point it out and work until the error is fixed, ensuring the project will be successful.

Companies that need a dedicated development team in the region should choose between Ukraine and Belarus because the cost/quality ratio here is the highest in Eastern Europe. As of today, both countries are outsourced software development havens as they continue focusing on outsourcing. The government support has been strengthening as authorities realise the industry’s potential, and there is an immense quantity of developers for high-achieving dedicated teams. More so, Belarus has its own Silicon Valley — a territory named High Tech Park that offers a wide array of tax exemptions to its residents. If a business needs gaming software or a dedicated team to create a complex game, IT staffing from Belarus is the most reliable option: the gaming software development company behind World of Tanks, Wargaming, was established in Belarus.

IT Staffing — Northern Europe

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Estonia has quickly rebuilt itself into a prosperous, tech-savvy country. It is the homeland of Skype’s software, and from 2012 to 2016 it was run by a president who started coding at the age of thirteen.

As a country where Wi-Fi is everywhere and citizens can vote with an ID card, Estonia has sophisticated IT education, most notably represented by The Estonian IT College. Thus, companies seeking Estonian dedicated teams can count on a high level of IT education and strong coding skills, as Estonia practically relies on software.

Estonian software development teams are experienced and talented, but overall there’s a small amount of developers in the country compared to Eastern Europe. Therefore, companies should expect somewhat higher prices, especially when they look to the Northern direction.

Other countries in Northern Europe, like Finland and Latvia, have the same aspects when it comes to software development teams in regard to IT staffing. The IT developers there are well educated and experienced, but there is a small amount of them. Therefore, the overall project cost will likely go up, if a company decides to hire a dedicated team from Finland. This is partly due to the high demand for experienced software development teams in the country. Still, if a company needs a game or gaming software, Finnish dedicated teams remain at the top of the list.

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