Simple Guide How To Launch Mobile App Marketing Campaign

April 6, 2015


Mobile application industry is booming. More and more companies are delivering their apps to Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry markets. But how not to get lost and to succeed in all the abundance of mobile programs? That’s the question mobile app marketing knows the answer to.

Just like in any type of marketing, the first thing needed is a plan, a strategy to be followed. And a professional mobile application strategy can be divided into 2 big stages: pre-launch and post-launch parts. These stages are subdivided into several smaller ones which will be discussed further.

Pre-launch Stage

Your App Branding

If you want to develop an app for your company, you should understand that the application will become an essential part of your brand. That’s why it should be designed taking into account the following points:

a) Name

It may sound trivial, but you app’s name should be a short, memorable (so that the users might remember it at once) and unique (just not to infringe the trademarks of other companies).

b) Style

The style should be made in trend with your website and logo. It also concerns the choice of icon which should solve several problems at once: 1) to reveal the app’s aim; 2) to mark the app out the list of others.

Keywords Research

Sometimes this stage causes some questions. Why to make it? It must be done just because keywords are the ways people will find your app and your business. Main keyword should be added to the name.

Competitors Research

Competitors’ research is a must-made step in any marketing strategy compliance. Find out as much as possible about them and their applications. Analysis their strengths and weaknesses and learn from both.


Mobile App Tracking Code Installation

Just like codes of web analytics are installed on websites, app tracking codes should be added to your mobile programs to trace the number of loads, devices, etc. These tools help to optimize your expenses and safe time.

App Reviews

Do you want to make your application famous? Let people know about it making reviews of it on various sites of app reviews, news portals, media resources etc. Some of the resources will be free, some are paid, so be ready to set a mobile app marketing budget. Don’t worry; it will pay off in future.

But the reviews can be made not only by the team of marketers, but also by people themselves. And there is nothing wrong to ask people to rate the app or to write a short review.

Encourage Feedback

In the next step you should do you the utmost to encourage the users to review the app after loading and trying it. Positive app store reviews will help to build trust for you and your company.

Social Sharing

Social networks are said to be the site where people spend most of their free time. Social networks have become the place where people find out the latest news, share interesting topics and recommend other people this or that product. So why not use such a great channel to promote your products? Encourage people to share and talk about you and your application in the most famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Web Landing Page

If it is your business application, there must be made a page on your website about it. It should contain the details about the application, link to the application in the stores.

Building a web page about the app is a good chance to say more about your product. Usually the details you may provide in app stores are limited, while there are no such limits on your site. Be creative, and convince people to load your application.

In Conclusion

Making a mobile app is a difficult process, but marketing and promoting an app can be even more challenging. Mobile marketing is a long way, but you will reach the destination only if you follow the coordinated and well-planned strategy. Have you marketed your mobile app already? No? Contact us and we will do it for you!