Save Your School with Schoolit iPhone App

February 29, 2012

Recently we have released one more iPhone app. It was created for the Schoolit project – a popular fund raising tool used for public schools in the USA. Let’s take a closer look at this app.

First “A”s and “F”s, proms and homecomings, endless homework and wild parties – all of these are sweet memories of high school life. After everything we have received from schools, now there is a great chance to give something back by using a unique fund raising tool – Schoolit. How does it work?

First, choose the schools you’d like to follow. This might be your high school or simply schools in the neighbourhood.

After choosing the schools, you will get access to all deals available from the local merchants. Found the best deal? You can purchase it right away using Schoolit money or simply with your card!

What is more, 50% of the coupon cost will directly proceed to your school. This way you, your school and local merachands – all benefit for a good cause.

You can also use an option – Help School – and donate money directly to the school of your choice.

We truly enjoyed working with Schoolit team on this project and wish them great success in promoting this noble idea!

Schoolit in the App Store

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