Rocking HOTCODE with Android QuickStart

April 17, 2013

How to create great apps for a leading mobile platform in the world? Our Android team has prepared a very special present for you – an interactive workshop Android QuickStart. You will get a chance not only to listen to our leading Android devs, but also to participate in live coding and interactive quests.

The workshop will be interesting to the beginners in Android development as well as to the real profs, as it covers topics starting from the basics (working with SDK, app structure and components) to more advanced topics (loaders and interaction with remote API, etc.).

The workshop will consist of 4 modules (we’ll reveal the details later, let’s keep the intrigue ), and each of them will be run according to this flow theoretical background => questions => live coding => evaluation. So, get ready, we are going to pick your brains!

Each part will depend on information and code from  the previous parts. For each part there will be a practical task which participants (individuals or teams) will solve and submit for evaluation. The most persistent who reach the very end will have a chance to congratulate each other as they will receive a simple but complete application written totally by themselves 🙂

To register for the conference, please, follow the signing link. If you hurry up, you can still get an Angry Bird discount and buy a ticket for less than 150 USD till May 15.

As we’ve already mentioned, our iOS Unit will also be represented at the conference by Pavel Taykalo with his presentation iOS Code Injection For Fun & Profit. Soon we are going to reveal some more juicy details about the workshop. Stay tuned!



HOTCODE Conference – the first multi-disciplinary conference for developers from Ukraine and other European countries that will take place in Kyiv, on May 31, 2013 – June 1, 2013. the conference will serve as the intersection of professional interests of developers of different disciplines gathering more than 1,000 representatives of a technological community. The organizers already have 11 successful IT-conferences in their portfolio and this time they promise to please participants by internal events: conference theme and Hackaton dodje, team/individual games, and engaging quests. Follow the conference news at