Our 10 Favorite Quotes from CollisionConf 2016

May 5, 2016

The 2016 Collision Conference was this year’s can’t-miss startup mardi gras. From a record-breaking 11,382 attendees to a roster of speakers hailing from 106 countries, it was extremely difficult to choose our standouts from a line of jaw-dropping and inspirational talks. Here are 10 quotes which stood out to us.

1) “Banking is a hard mix of art and science.” @DouglasMerrill, CEO of @ZestFinance

2) “When you take away the reason you need a ledger, you take away the reason you need a bank.” @Jeffschumacher4, CEO of @BCGDV

3) “This is an industry where you have to love changes.” @maymann EVP & President of Consumer Brands, AOL on what it takes to be a modern media company

4) “Sometimes AI can predict our preferences better than ourselves” – Babak Hodjat of @SentientDAI discussing the commercial applications of AI.

5) “The government is the primary means for helping the least fortunate. the government is a little behind in the delivery of those services but data can be used to improve the issues of transparency, accessibility, and accountability to renew people’s faith in Government.” @tyrgr, Deputy Chief Data Officer for the US Department of Commerce discussing the role data science and apps play in the public sphere.

6) “We are opening 8-10 new locations a month. The real estate becomes only a functional requirement for the building of a community” @MiguelMcKelvey Co-Founder of @WeWork discussing rapid expansion of the collaborative office network.

7) “VR is as close as it gets to teleportation, it captures 100 percent of your attention.” @marcfmath CMO @Samsung USA discussing VR Storytelling with Jacques Méthé, president of Cirque du Soleil Media

8) “Cows are the queens of the quantified self movement.” Andra Keay of @RobotLaunch talking about what we can automate next and points out that dairy farms highly modernized havens for robotics and wearables.

9) “When we talk about automation and IoT, we are literally wiring up and adding software to everything we do. Everything will be controlled and monitored eventually because we are ‘softwaring’ the world.” @ltibbets Co-Founder and CEO of @IFTTT on what can we automate next

10) “AI will have as big an impact as the invention of the wheel. AI is not pixie dust to sprinkle on your computer to make it intelligent. We need to get rid of the gee wiz apocalyptic gloss and put our heads down to build intelligent systems with clear economic benefits”. The conclusion of Jerry Kaplan‘s boldly-named “Upload or Die: Apocalyptic Visions in AI“.