Online tool to describe your mobile app idea and business model

June 22, 2013

While working with different ideas of mobile apps we came upon a need for a tool to structure business model of the future app.

The most famous template to document business model is a Business model canvas concept created by Alexander Osterwalder. But sometimes it could be too complicated for mobile product description.

The light and easy solution that we found useful is Lean canvas, created by Ash Maurya, author of book “Running Lean”. So far “Lean canvas” has limited capabilities, but it’s very easy to use and works perfect for a task “describe my app business model and share it with the partner for discussion”.

Here is a few articles from Ash Maurya blog to illustrate the idea of Lean Canvas:

Why Lean Canvas vs Business Model Canvas?

Lean Canvas – How I Document my Business Model

Delivering Effective Investor Pitches With Lean Canvas – Part 1